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Making the most of a Major opportunity

Making the most of a Major opportunity

DALLAS -- Brett & Brian Major admit that sometimes they have to pinch themselves when they look around the locker room. They see Superstars such as Matt Hardy, World Heavyweight Champion Edge and the legendary "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, and realize how lucky they are.

"This has been our lifelong passion, wrestling, since we were 4 or 5. It's like a calling. Everything we do is wrestling," Brett Major told WWE.com. "All our friends who are straight out of college are wondering what to do with themselves, and here we are, living our dream jobs. We just give thanks every day that we're here."

The brothers, Long Island, N.Y., natives who are lifelong WWE fans, first made a splash in the sports-entertainment world when they scored an upset victory over the New Breed's Marcus Cor Von & Matt Striker in their ECW debut on May 1. As followers of ECW since its early days as a scrappy, innovative Philadelphia-based promotion, the Major Brothers were thrilled to be in the Land of the Extreme. But they had a limited future as a tag team there since ECW does not have a tag team championship. Last month, the Majors were given an opportunity to show their true potential as a team when they were drafted to SmackDown. The tandem is just thrilled to be able to entertain our fans.

"Someone came up to us and showed us an 8x10 photo of us, and we were like, ‘Wow! How many of those do you have?'" said Brian Major. "We're looking forward to someday signing them for folks."

Sports-entertainment has been an obsession for Brett and Brian. Growing up in the New York area, they had the opportunity to attend not only WWE and ECW shows, but they also followed the independent wrestling scene. They collected tons of memorabilia and WWE action figures. Brett carries around early 1990s action figures of "The Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich, The Warlord and Papa Shango in his suitcase for good luck. Brian likes to workout in an old ECW T-shirt that was once black, but is now ashen. The letters are faded and cracked, but you can still read the letters "E-C-'Fn-W" in the front and the declaration on the back: "Of course, you know ... This means war!!!"

Brett and Brian both attended college, but they were always focused on someday competing in WWE. On weekends, when they weren't attending classes, they were competing at independent shows, hoping for their big break. They each got their chance at stardom with one year left to go in their higher education, and leaped at the opportunity.

The Major Brothers can now follow in the footsteps -- or perhaps even someday face -- some of the Superstars they admired growing up.

"My three absolute favorite Superstars are Curt Hennig, Eddie Guerrero and Triple H," said Brett. "I have tons of favorites, but those are the guys who really drive me, made me into a superfan."

"If you're talking about tag teams, the Rockers, the Hart Foundation, the Von Erichs, guys like that," added Brian. "As teenagers, Edge & Christian and The Hardys, who brought tag team wrestling back [in the late nineties]. And now that we could possibly wrestle The Hardys, it's crazy."

The Majors have their whole careers ahead of them -- and a long list of short and long-term goals. They would love to perform in front of a hometown crowd at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island and in Madison Square Garden in New York City. And undoubtedly they want to win a tag team championship someday. For now, they are wide-eyed and looking forward to traveling the world.

"We've never been to any of these places," said Brian Major. "Whenever we're in a car, I'm like, ‘I can't wait! When do I get to drive?'"

So be on alert WWE. There are Major happenings going on in the tag team division, and their names are Brett and Brian.

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