The Animal's revenge

The Animal's revenge

SAN ANTONIO -- Last Sunday may have been Vengeance: Night of Champions, but this week's SmackDown was truly a night for revenge.

Much to his disappointment, Edge was forced by acting General Manager Vickie Guerrero to face Batista in a Night of Champions rematch. Even though he is not eligible to win the World Heavyweight Championship, The Animal ran wild on Edge in the main event. After punishing the Rated-R Superstar throughout much of the contest, Batista foiled his plans for a spear when he turned it into a setup for an earth-shaking Batista Bomb, following by a three-count. (WATCH)

As Edge lay on his back, Batista raised the World Heavyweight Championship and then dropped it on the still body of the titleholder. The Ultimate Opportunist still has the gold, but does The Animal have his number?

In one of the night's inter-promotional matches, WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino had their hands full with Cryme Tyme. Raw's notorious thieves tripped Domino and popped him in the kisser, breaking his nose before Domino was able to roll up Shad for the pin. Cryme Tyme may have lost, but revenge was theirs when they drove out of the arena in Deuce & Domino's ride. (WATCH) Read more about Domino's injury…

Montel Vontavious Porter didn't look as sharp as he did when he retained the United States Championship against Ric Flair at Vengeance: Night of Champions. Capitalizing off of a missed kick by MVP, Kane sent the prosperous Superstar to the mat with a chokeslam. Fortunately for MVP, the title is still his and his contest with Kane wasn't an Inferno Match like the last time they met at Armageddon.

Flair didn't have the chance to get revenge on the United States Champion this week, though he was able to teach a lesson to his other young, disrespectful rival, Carlito. Raw's self-proclaimed coolest Superstar suffered the infamous Figure Four Leg Lock before tapping out to his former mentor.

The Cruiserweight Championship was once again on the line when Chavo Guerrero faced Jamie Noble and Funaki in a Triple Threat Match. Proving once again that he deserves the gold, Chavo covered Funaki to earn the win. Perhaps nobody is quite on his level when it comes to SmackDown's cruiserweight division.

Another chance for vengeance came when Matt Hardy took on one half the World Tag Team Champions, Lance Cade. Hardy hit him with a Twist of Fate out of nowhere and covered Cade, who didn't have his partner in crime this time around to help him bend the rules.

In other SmackDown action, The Great Khali turned Eugene into his personal ragdoll and Mickie James spoiled Victoria's first night in action as a member of the SmackDown roster.

Did Batista and company get enough revenge for their peace of mind or will they keep coming back for more? Be sure to watch Friday Night SmackDown at 8/7 CT on the CW Network to find out.

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