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Theodore and Kristal to tie the knot

Theodore and Kristal to tie the knot

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Brad and Angelina. Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Tom and Katie. Britney and K-Fed. Er, wait… scratch that last one. These are all some of today's hottest couples, and WWE has a new one to add to the top of that list: Theodore and Kristal.

Last night on SmackDown, the General Manager proposed marriage to the stunned Diva. Long said that after Mr. McMahon's limo exploded, he realized that "life is precious and something could happen at any time and any place." So, in the wake of tragedy, in front of thousands of our fans, Long asked Kristal the most important question he's ever asked -- if she'd be his lovely wife. While Kristal's tearful, shocked reaction wasn't exactly what Long expected, the Diva was simply caught off-guard and later accepted the diamond ring with a gleeful, "I will marry you!"

So what's the mood in the SmackDown Divas' locker room? Why, excitement, of course! The Sexiest Women on Television can't stop talking about the newly engaged, happy couple.

"I am so happy for Kristal. It means everything to me that my best friend's dreams are coming true," said Vickie Guerrero, tears of joy welling up in her eyes.

"As Assistant General Manager of SmackDown, I'm ready to help out with anything, from wedding planning to making sure everything runs smoothly on Friday nights," Vickie said.

One of SmackDown's newest Divas, Torrie Wilson, who came to Friday nights via the WWE Draft, told WWE.com she's thrilled to join in the excitement surrounding the upcoming nuptials.

"It seems like I came to SmackDown at a perfect time. I'm just getting to know the SmackDown Divas, and Kristal and Teddy make a perfect couple," Torrie said. "I can't wait to plan Kristal's bachelorette party!"

Cherry skated over to Kristal as soon as she heard about the engagement. She told WWE.com Kristal's diamond ring is quite the sparkler.

"Have you seen that rock? It must be at least three carats. If Kristal loves Teddy as much as I'm sweet on Deuce, then they're a match made in heaven!" Cherry said, snapping her chewing gum. "Did I mention that ring? I'm going to have to make sure Deuce sees that ice."

Maryse, a former model, said she has a keen fashion sense so she'd love to help Kristal with wedding gown shopping.

"Kristal will make such a beautiful bride. I hope she lets me help pick out her dress!" Maryse said. "I wonder if I'll get to be a bridesmaid."

Michelle McCool said in the wake of the tragic loss of Mr. McMahon, she's happy there's some joy in the Divas' locker room again.

"I'm just so happy we all have something to smile about again. I think Mr. McMahon would have wanted it this way," Michelle said. "Kristal and Teddy are going to make an amazing power couple here on SmackDown."

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