Like Ryan Seacrest, only better

When fans tune into SmackDown this week, they will notice a big change. Starting this Friday, the show will have a new host. The man chosen for the job is not completely unfamiliar to WWE fans. He is The Miz. caught up with the reality TV star to find out what we can expect from SmackDown while he’s the host.

A devoted wrestling fan from birth, The Miz has been waiting for this moment for his entire life. As he explained to, he has never been ashamed to admit it. “Ever since I started appearing on TV, I told people I wanted to be in WWE. The whole time I was on reality shows, I really wished I was on SmackDown. After all those years, I’m finally here and I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t wait to get started.”

Seeing as how SmackDown has never had a host before, it’s only natural for the fans to be a little unsure as to what The Miz will actually do. The new host, however, is confident as to what his role will be. “My job is to keep the show moving nice and smooth. Think of it this way. The Miz is to SmackDown as Ryan Seacrest is to American Idol. Only, I am more talented, and slightly better looking.”

SmackDown’s newest Superstar claims to already have some big plans in mind for Friday nights. “If you ever watched me before, you know that I am not afraid to be a little controversial. I am not going to hesitate to stir the pot or create some drama. I come from reality TV, drama is my business.”

As part of his plan, The Miz sees the fans becoming even more involved in SmackDown. “One thing a host is supposed to do is get the fans to participate. Being a people person, that should be no problem for me. I will get the fans involved, and make them into WWE Superstars in their own right.”

To some fans, it’s no secret that The Miz has done his fair share of in-ring training. So, now that he will be involved with SmackDown on a weekly basis, is there any chance of The Miz becoming physically involved? “Absolutely. At some point the real Miz will emerge. Stay tuned because anything can happen when The Miz is involved. HOO-RAH!”

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