Cutting Edge down

Cutting Edge down
LONDON, ONTARIO, Canada -- The World Heavyweight Champion Edge brought his controversial talk show The Cutting Edge to SmackDown for the very first time, hoping to assure the fans and himself that Batista did not intimidate him. By the end of the interview, however, the psychological games backfired, and The Animal sent Edge down to the canvas with a right hook. (WATCH)

The Rated-R Superstar called out his guest, the man who will challenge him for the title at One Night Stand in a 15-foot high steel cage -- Batista. The overconfident World Champion looked to verbally tear down his challenger, telling Batista he was not afraid of him. The ultimate opportunist then saw an opening to rub in the face of The Animal -- their most recent in-ring encounter. "The last time we were in the ring together was at Judgment Day," he said, "and if memory serves me, I beat you that night."

As Edge attempted to remind Batista, "I did in three seconds," the champ was abruptly cut off. The Animal mocked, "what I couldn't do in three months, steal the title from Undertaker." He continued, "we have all heard it before, Edge. You're the World Heavyweight Champion, but wait until One Night Stand."

With that warning from Batista, the Rated-R Superstar sneered back, "at One Night Stand a steel cage won't be the only thing hanging above your head." Now, with the title planted firmly on his shoulder, Edge taunted his challenger, "I know the thought of you choking in another world title match will be hanging over your head."

As champion and challenger glared each other in the eyes, they began the schoolyard game of one-upping, first playfully and then much more serious. A good luck wish from Edge to Batista turned into a playful pat on the cheek, and then a shove. As the Rated-R Superstar slapped the challenger, The Animal punched him, leaving Edge on the mat as SmackDown went off the air.

The former champ has never looked better heading into the Steel Cage encounter, but he may still be nursing the leg injury that has plagued him the past few weeks. When the two men step into the confines of the steel cage at One Night Stand, Batista may have the advantage with his pure power and unmatchable strength. While that may be the case, Edge is the champion, and he has always managed to find a way to win when he has been on top of the world.

The animosity has boiled into a heated rivalry, and on Sunday, the steel cage may be the only way to hold in the tension between Edge and Batista -- because neither competitor is willing to settle for anything less than the richest prize in the game -- the World Heavyweight Championship.

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