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Wild west

Wild west

LOS ANGELES -- With Extreme Rules just nine nights away, SmackDown found a home in California. But unfortunately for some Superstars, the STAPLES Center was an inhospitable environment.

World Heavyweight Champion Edge & Chris Jericho def. Jeff Hardy (2-on-1 Handicap Match) (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
The match was supposed to include Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio. But, the odds shifted after Chris Jericho -- disguised as a fan dressed like Mysterio -- attacked the masked Superstar prior to the match, going as far as trying to rip off his mask. With Mysterio out, Hardy was forced to take on high-caliber opponents, World Heavyweight Champion Edge and Jericho all by himself. Despite a valiant effort, Hardy was unable to come up with a win. After a hard-hitting spear from The Rated-R Superstar to get the win, Hardy was brutalized by The Ultimate Opportunist with a ladder.

The good, the bad & the ugly (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
At the start of the night, Extreme Rules opponents Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho traded verbal barbs. After listening to Jericho rant, Mysterio exclaimed, "Your word is worthless"!

After Mysterio, Jericho moved on to verbally assault Mickey Rourke, star of the movie "The Wrestler," who was in attendance. "Rourke, you're lucky I'm too much of a professional to not come out of this ring, walk straight up to you and punch you in your face right now," claimed Jericho.

Things finally imploded when Jericho took a sucker punch at Mysterio. But the agile champion was able to avoid the blow and drive Jericho out of the ring.

The Great Khali & R-Truth def. Dolph Ziggler & Mike Knox (PHOTOS)
Things got off to an emotion-charged start when Khali joined R-Truth in singing his signature entrance song, "What's Up?" The Punjabi Playboy kept the momentum going into the tag team encounter. Using The Punjabi Plunge, the 7-footer was able to put away big Mike Knox.

Women's Champion Melina def. Alicia Fox (Non-title) (PHOTOS)
The sexy, smart and powerful Women's Champion Melina proved too much for Alicia Fox. After the win, Michelle McCool came into the ring and grabbed the champion's title from the referee. Although McCool returned the title to its rightful owner, she did so with a shove, as if to say, it's yours … for now. (Diva match-maker)

John Morrison def. Umaga (Disqualification) (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
Just like he did to CM Punk last week, Umaga not only tied up John Morrison with a Samoan Strap, but used the illegal weapon to beat his opponent unmercifully. After the brutal display, CM Punk rushed into the ring, smashing his Extreme Rules opponent over the head with his steel Money in the Bank briefcase.

Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas def. Cryme Tyme (PHOTOS)
Formerly known as The World's Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas lived up to their moniker in L.A. The Gold Standard dropped Shad with Pay Dirt to stake claim to a win.

Eve def. Layla (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
Once again, Eve got the better of Layla, picking up a win in their much-anticipated singles match. In the week's leading up to their match, the two competed in Cryme Tyme's Hand Slammin' Jammy Jam Challenge and Brooklyn Break-Down Diva Dance Off, with Eve coming out on top in both contests. And, powder was flying everywhere when the two Divas exchanged fisticuffs at a backstage makeup table recently.

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