Back in black

Back in black

CLEVELAND -- In his first SmackDown appearance since WrestleMania, Undertaker defeated Rey Mysterio to qualify for the World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Match. And in another big first, CM Punk revealed his new look since having his head shaved at Over the Limit. Sporting a black mask covering his now-bald head, Punk defeated Kane to also qualify for Fatal 4-Way.

The Undertaker def. Rey Mysterio in a Fatal 4-Way Qualifying Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Making his return to Friday night, Undertaker battled Rey Mysterio for an opportunity to compete at Fatal 4-Way. Going into the match, both Superstars knew that Big Show and CM Punk already qualified to square off with World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger. Despite a formidable fight from Mysterio, The Deadman ultimately triumphed with the Tombstone. (Fatal 4-Way preview)

Luke Gallows def. MVP (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Utilizing Straight Edge reinforcements, Luke Gallows all but guaranteed his victory against MVP. While Serena distracted the referee, the now-infamous hooded stranger appeared out of nowhere and drove MVP's skull to the canvas. Capitalizing on his dazed opponent, Gallows sealed the deal with the Gallows Pole.

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre announced (WATCH)
Former champion Drew McIntyre invoked his rematch clause and will take on Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingstong next week on SmackDown.

Christian & Hornswoggle def. Dolph Ziggler & Chavo Guerrero (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After Dolph Ziggler crashed the set of the "Peep Show" last week, Christian and Hornswoggle were out for some retribution. They found it when Christian turned the lights out for Chavo Guererro with the Killswitch. Unhappy with the outcome, Ziggler slapped an asphyxiating sleeper on Christian. After Christian drifted into la la land -- and Ziggler finally released the hold at the ref's insistence -- Vickie Guerrero flashed him a mischievous smile and applauded from outside the ring.

CM Punk def. Kane in a Fatal 4-Way Qualifying Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After Rey Mysterio shaved CM Punk's head at Over the Limit, those in attendance and watching all over the world waited to see just how Punk would look. However, The Second City Saint didn't give the WWE Universe what they wanted. Instead, he concealed himself behind a skin-tight black mask, emblazoned with S.E.S. lettering. Protruding from the mask was Punk's still-intact beard.

Although his symbol of purity had been taken, Punk seemed to embrace his new appearance and used it to fuel his fight against Kane. As Serena distracted the referee, Luke Gallows punched The Big Red Monster in the head. With Kane still reeling, Punk capitalized and hit the Go to Sleep for the Fatal 4-Way qualifying win.

Big Show & Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston def. World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger & Drew McIntyre (PHOTOS | WATCH)
While ensuring that World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger was watching, Big Show delivered a debilitating knockout punch to Drew McIntyre to simultaneously win the bout for his team, while also sending a strong message to his Fatal 4-Way opponent.

Matt Hardy was suspended without pay (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The night started with major news coming in the form of another letter from Mr. McMahon that Drew McIntyre hand-delivered to SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long. As Long read McMahon's words out loud, it was revealed that Matt Hardy was suspended without pay for his reckless actions at Over the Limit.

After Long read the letter, McIntyre issued his own ominous words: "If you turn a blind eye to my misfortunes one more time, I guarantee you, the next letter you receive from me will be informing you of your termination as General Manager."

Furious at the news, Matt Hardy entered the arena, itching to get his hands on McIntyre. Despite Hardy's best efforts to get a piece of the Scottish Superstar, WWE officials restrained and prevented him from approaching the ring.

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