London (and Kendrick) Calling

Tonight on Friday Night SmackDown, Paul London & Brian Kendrick will find themselves in a different role. After winning the WWE Tag Team Championship at Judgment Day, London & Kendrick will face Nunzio & Vito in their first match as champions tonight. And while it is a non-title affair, both men are still very excited about the match.

“We’re totally stoked, it feels like a brand new day and a new lifestyle,” London told “I don’t want to say brand new era because it is so overused, but it’s more out with the old and in with the new. We’re the champions now.”

This is Kendrick’s first championship reign of any type, surely making it one of the highlights of his career. But while London has been a WWE Tag Team Champion before, this reign is even more special. “Without trying to sound too cocky, Brian and I both always visualized ourselves in this position,” the champion said. “Winning the gold at Judgment Day was incredible and the highlight of my career thus far.”

Now that they are the champions, London & Kendrick have become the hunted instead of the hunters. Hopefully, Kendrick says, they can dodge the first bullet Friday night. “Nunzio & Vito are in the position now that we were in against MNM a few weeks ago,” he said, “but we know better than to overlook them.”

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