A lean, mean Extreme scene

A lean, mean Extreme scene

CINCINNATI - With the excitement of Judgment Day still surrounding the WWE Universe, the extreme invaded SmackDown, as Superstars began to brace themselves for the relentless Extreme Rules pay-per-view. (Full Extreme Rules coverage)

Jeff Hardy def. World Heavyweight Champion Edge (Non-title) (Hardy picks stipulation for Extreme Rules World Championship Match) (VIDEO | PHOTOS)
While Edge saw his Judgment Day victory over Jeff Hardy as proof that he is both the "true face of SmackDown" and superior to The Charismatic Enigma, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long saw it as "an atrocity," caused by the cast-wielding interference of Matt Hardy. Long decided he would make a rematch at Extreme Rules between The Rated-R Superstar and The Charismatic Enigma. Hardy soon emerged, proposing that he and The World Heavyweight Champion have a match on SmackDown, with the winner choosing the stipulation in their Extreme Rules match in three weeks. (VIDEO | PHOTOS)

Later that night, after a brutal match of consequence, Hardy triumphed over Edge with the Swanton Bomb. Following his hard-fought victory, The Charismatic No. 1 Contender floored the WWE Universe, declaring that the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Extreme Rules would be a Ladder Match. (Match preview)

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho (Disqualification)  (PHOTOS)
Just after Punk successfully hit the GTS on Jericho in their "WWE Superstars" rematch on SmackDown and was on his way to a huge win of retribution, The Samoan Bulldozer once again attacked The Straightedge Superstar, hurling their rivalry into the Extreme. After tying Punk upside-down to the turnbuckle with a Samoan Strap, Umaga actually spoke English, challenging Mr. Money in the Bank to a Samoan Strap Match at Extreme Rules before whipping him for all it was worth. (VIDEO | Match preview)

John Morrison & Cryme Tyme def. Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas & Ricky Ortiz (PHOTOS)
With Cryme Tyme taking care of business outside the ring on Benjamin & Ortiz, The Friday Night Delight lifted off with authority, bringing the Starship Pain crashing down onto Charlie Haas for another huge victory. 

Michelle McCool def. Gail Kim (Women's Championship No. 1 Contender's Match) (VIDEO | PHOTOS)
Gail Kim knocked the interfering Alicia Fox into theunforgiving steel ringpost. However, Michelle quickly took advantage of the distraction, attacking Gail on the turnbuckle, causing her to drop upside-down and right into the perfect position for the former Divas Champion to execute the lethal Faithbreaker. With the win, Michelle became the No. 1 contender to Women's Champion Melina's gold.

Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth (PHOTOS)
As Ziggler was celebrating his big win over R-Truth that utilized a unique neckbreaker, his jubilance was suddenly cut short by The Great Khali. The Punjabi Playboy menacingly pursued Ziggler, who barely escaped amidst the cheering members of the WWE Universe after R-Truth hit the Corkscrew elbow.

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