Mark Henry costs Undertaker the World Heavyweight Championship

Mark Henry costs Undertaker the World Heavyweight Championship

PITTSBURGH -- Friday night on SmackDown, the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry, cost Undertaker the World Heavyweight Championship.

Henry faced a huge career setback late last July when his right patella tendon ripped completely off the bone. While rehabbing his knee over the past 10 months, he's had nothing but time to quietly stew alone, rehash old memories and build a meteor-sized rage inside himself.

Where exactly is all of his anger stemming from? One locker room source told that it might be from rumors that have been circulating — rumors that imply how Henry has failed to live up to his potential since joining WWE more than a decade ago; ultimately labeling Henry as an underachiever.

A locker room source said, "The guy's a former Olympian and has won several strongman competitions. He inked a huge deal when he signed here, yet he's never held a World Championship. What does that say?"

Maybe now is Henry's time to make his mark. Henry viciously ambushed Undertaker after a punishing World Championship Steel Cage Match with Batista Friday night on Smackdown. The Phenom could barely stand, let alone muster the strength to defend himself as Henry battered him with jaw-jarring punches, then capped it off with several rib-crushing splashes from the 400-pound Silverback.  It was ultimately this beating that allowed Edge to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and become the new World Champion. The question remains, will Mark Henry not only be responsible for ending Undertaker's reign as World Champion, but did Mark Henry take Undertaker out of action forever? 

And why did Mark Henry focus his first attack on Undertaker?  "Undertaker took something very important from me at WrestleMania 22 — my chance at being a World Champion," said Henry, referring to their Casket Match back in April 2006. "This beating was a sample of what I can do. My message is clear and my message is effective: If you don't do what I say, when I say to do it, you will be dealt with, just like Undertaker was."

When asked if Henry and Edge were working together Friday night, the World's Strongest Man denied comment.  "I am taking out my competition, one by one, and my goal is simple: to be the World Heavyweight Champion."  It seems no one is safe.

Is Mark Henry an underachiever? The answer today is an emphatic "no." Whether or not Mark Henry will attain his goal of World Champion remains to be seen. But with his newly refocused urge to prove his dominance, this human wrecking ball of devastation will be extremely difficult to stop.

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