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Deuce & Domino crack their silence

Deuce & Domino crack their silence
The WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino have an in-ring style that combines their brutal offensive maneuvers with the attitudes they bring each time they are in action.

Outside the ring, the duo is very similar, carrying themselves with attitude and brutally offensive comments to this WWE.com reporter. After numerous attempts to conduct an interview with the new tag champions after they won the titles, Deuce & Domino were finally persuaded to sit and chat with WWE.com.

When asked what winning the gold meant to them, Domino was quick to say, "before we won the titles we were the coolest thing ever, and after we won the titles, well, we are still the coolest thing ever." He continued, "so it's kind of the same, but now we are the champs. And we are happy to be the champs because you know what that means for Domino? More girls."

Domino's partner Deuce shared those sentiments saying, "more girls for both of us." Deuce was then slapped by his bubblegum-chewing girlfriend Cherry, who reminded him, "no girls for you, I am your girl." After Deuce reassured Cherry, "you are my girl, absolutely," he was fast to make sure she remained quiet for the rest of the interview.

Cherry's brother Domino then returned to business, claiming, "we came here to win the titles and nobody said we could do it, and we did it in three months. Nobody could beat London & Kendrick until Deuce & Domino -- the biggest attraction in sports-entertainment -- came along and took the titles on the 400th episode of SmackDown in Milan, Italy."

After pressing for an answer as to how they were able to defeat London & Kendrick, Deuce angrily said, "Deuce and Domino -- that reckless style we have in the ring, we beat ‘em up, smashed ‘em, cracked ‘em in da mouth." Deuce then added a challenge, "you got something you want to say?"

While ducking for cover, WWE.com questioned Domino about the former champions' plans to regain the WWE Tag Team Championships, which recently saw Brian Kendrick causing problems by defeating Domino in one-on-one action. "Last time I checked we were the champions, so I wouldn't call them a problem," he said.

Deuce then interrupted once more, saying, "they (London & Kendrick) are not a thorn in our sides, they are a pebble to kick around." Domino added, "we are the champs -- Deuce & Domino, get it right before we do something about it."

The men from the Other Side of the Tracks then ended the interview, walking off admiring their titles, Cherry not far behind on her skates. The roar of the pink Cadillac could be heard in the parking lot, as Deuce & Domino's theme music blasted from the car stereo as they drove off.

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