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Our fans react to the Steel Cage Match announcement

Our fans react to the Steel Cage Match announcement

After the blockbuster announcement from General Manager Theodore Long that on SmackDown in Pittsburgh there would be a Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, our fans in Birmingham, Ala., were asked how they think another battle in the war between Batista and the World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker would end.

Carl Davis:
I think they will settle it once and for all. I choose Undertaker. I like Batista, but I think Undertaker will win. Anything is possible in WWE, so knowing that, I think it can go either way, and regardless, I won't be disappointed.

Tina Jones:
Undertaker is going to win. There will be lots of blood, I think somebody might get injured. Undertaker is real tough, I think he will pummel Batista and walk out with the title.

Carliea Hilliard:
Undertaker is going to win because Batista cannot beat him. Undertaker is a legend. Batista is tough, but you can't beat Undertaker.

Laurie McCralis:
Undertaker is going to swing Batista around and slam him down. Undertaker is resilient; he is always the one to take people down.

Carla Collar:
Batista is going to kick his butt. Batista is going to take Undertaker and throw him over the cage.

James Scoggins:
Undertaker is going to beat Batista again. I think his experience and toughness will bring him to victory.  I also think the cage won't be able to hold them both.

Amy McGill:
I'm not sure who will win, but I would say Undertaker has the edge. I think it will be a bloody match and Undertaker will come out on top.

Brian Layton:
I hope Undertaker takes it, even though Batista is a pretty big guy. They might both be injured a little, but that doesn't mean anything in the cage.

Daniel Nelson:
I'm torn. Both competitors are real good. I would love for Batista to get the gold back. He is a little bigger and stronger in my eyes.

Michael Lawlor:
After Backlash, there is no telling what could happen in the cage. My money is on Undertaker though.

Kirsten Smith:
I hope Batista wins. I like them both, but Batista should win. It is going to be crazy in that cage.

Treyvonn Duckett:
I think Batista will get his title back. Undertaker is doomed because Batista really wants it.

Devin Cotton:
Friday we will see who is the toughest, who is the better man and who the real World Heavyweight Champion should be. Batista is a two-time champion, but Undertaker gets my pick to win the match.

David Hill:
Undertaker all the way. It is going to be pure hell in that cage. Batista stands no chance against the legend of Undertaker.

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