The new faces of SmackDown

The new faces of SmackDown

HERSHEY, Pa. -- Four days after the 2010 WWE Draft completely transformed the landscape of SmackDown, an explosive flurry of newly-drafted Superstars wasted no time making their monumental impact on Friday night.

Big Show knocked out World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After reigning supreme against Randy Orton at Extreme Rules and spending most of SmackDown reciting his lifelong achievements, World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger attempted to further inform the angry WWE Universe in his second "State of the Championship Address" since winning the World Title.

But, Swagger was soon interrupted by SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, who proceeded to introduce "The All-American American" to his No. 1 Contender, the newly  drafted Big Show.

Making his return to SmackDown, The World's Largest Athlete had already made his presence felt earlier in the night, knocking out both Chris Jericho and Edge.  And now, after suggesting that Swagger add "early retirement" to his resume, Big Show delivered his third earth-shattering knockout blow to the outspoken World Champion.

Rey Mysterio & MVP def. CM Punk & Luke Gallows (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Making his return to SmackDown as a result of the 2010 WWE Draft, MVP interrupted The Straight Edge Society, claiming that he was ‘saving" the WWE Universe from having to listen to them anymore. After going on a straight-up ballin' attack, The Franchise Playa was joined in battle by Rey Mysterio. The assault prompted SmackDown GM Teddy Long to make a tag team match between the two teams.

Mysterio and MVP ultimately overcame CM Punk and Luke Gallows with help from an explosive 619. But after the bell, the "unknown stranger" that helped The Second City Saint beat The Master of the 619 at Extreme Rules, appeared again and launched another hit-and-run assault on the masked Superstar.

Dolph Ziggler relished in his actions on Monday Night Raw
An elated Ziggler shared his glee with the WWE Universe after locking in his infamous sleeper hold on Hornswoggle during Monday Night Raw, sending him somewhere over the rainbow. The pint-sized Superstar is the latest in a string of Ziggler's sleeper hold victims, including The Great Khali, Kane, R-Truth and even Josh Mathews.

Women's Champion Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly def. Michelle McCool & Layla (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The impressive combination of  new Women's Champion Beth Phoenix and newly drafted Diva Kelly Kelly proved triumphant over Team Lay-Cool. After cleaning house with absolute dominance, The Glamazon tagged in Kelly Kelly, who dropped a leg on Layla for the huge victory.  

Edge's exit from SmackDown clashed with Christian's emergence (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After being drafted to Raw, Edge came before the WWE Universe to explain his seemingly sincere regrets about leaving "his show." But, before he could finish, recently drafted Christian -- his best friend since the sixth grade and former "E & C" tag team partner -- emerged, accusing The Rated-R Superstar of being insincere to the fans. After The Ultimate Opportunist admitted to playing the WWE Universe to get what he wanted, Captain Charisma said he'd rather face Edge in a match than partner with him. Instead of accepting the challenge, the nine-time World Champion hit his former friend with a cheap shot. However, Christian fought back and eventually drove Edge from the ring. With Edge in retreat, Christian led the Hershey crowd in a rendition of "Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye."

Cody Rhodes def. John Morrison (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In his first match since being drafted to SmackDown, Cody Rhodes overcame The Guru of Greatness with the Cross Rhodes. The showdown marked Morrison's last match before departing for Monday Night Raw.

Kane welcomed Chavo Guerrero back to SmackDown (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The Big Red Monster interrupted the reemergence of newly drafted Chavo Guerrero, "welcoming back" the self-proclaimed Mexican Warrior with a vicious chokeslam.

Kofi Kingston def. Chris Jericho (PHOTOS | WATCH)
At the 2010 WWE Draft on Raw, Kofi Kingston was selected to move to SmackDown, while Chris Jericho was selected to rejoin the Raw roster. Following his draft announcement, Kofi celebrated his change of venue by hitting Trouble in Paradise on the first-ever Undisputed WWE Champion. And in his first match as a Friday night Superstar, Kingston increased his momentum with the "Boom, Boom, Boom," sending the self-proclaimed "face of SmackDown" off to Raw with a second Trouble in Paradise. 

This was not the first time Kingston scored a post-draft win over Chris Jericho. In his first match after being drafted to Raw in 2008, Kofi triumphed over Jericho to capture the Intercontinental Championship.

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