Since the moment he lost the WWE Championship to John Cena at Wrestlemania 21, JBL has steadfastly maintained that he is the more worthy champion.

Now, JBL will get a golden opportunity to prove it.

JBL outwitted and outlasted Big Show, Booker T and Kurt Angle to win a brutal Fatal Fourway in the United Kingdom Thursday to conclude the WWE SmackDown! Championship Series.

JBL will now get the chance to win his coveted championship back against Cena.

And it was hardly easy. After Big Show dominated the early action, the other three Superstars finally ganged up on the giant, as Show eventually was crashed through an announcer's table with an Angle Slam and ultimately counted out.

Then, while the referee was distracted by JBL Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan, the former champ slipped a steel chair into the ring. Angle gladly used the chair, nailing Booker T before pinning and eliminating the former five-time WCW Champion.

Angle would soon get the upper hand on JBL before the Bashams rushed the ring. While Angle was able to dispatch of the co-Secretaries of Defense, it proved draining.

And when the referee went down from an inadvertent JBL Clothesline From Hell, Booker T decided to get back involved, exacting payback with a chair shot to Angle. JBL was there to clean up the mess, record the pin on Angle and earn his opportunity to face John Cena for the WWE Championship. WATCH: 56k | 300k

Meanwhile, MNM retained their WWE Tag Team Championship with a bizarre victory over Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero.

Earlier in the night, it seemed like Latino Heat and Mysterio had put aside the rocky recent past and were focused on recapturing their championship. But after Mysterio accidentally landed on Eddie with a flying body press, Guerrero actually began to leave the ring area.

The fans urged Guerrero to re-join the match, which he did, but Latino Heat gave no effort the rest of the way, at one point failing to outstretch his arm while Mysterio was seeking a tag.

In fact, Guerrero stood motionless in the corner of the ring and watched indifferently, almost in a trance, as Mysterio was pinned and then suffered a post-match attack from MNM. WATCH: 56k | 300k

In other action, WWE Champion John Cena defeated Rene Dupree in a non-title contest. WATCH: 56k | 300k

Also, Paul London retained his Cruiserweight Championship when he lost to Chavo Guerrero by countout.

London was counted out when his chest collided with the top of the ring post.


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