John Cena

John Cena won't know who his first WWE Championship defense will be against until next week.

But it might not matter.

Cena looked stronger than ever in dispatching of United States Champion Orlando Jordan in a Champion vs. Champion Match at Madison Square Garden in New York Thursday.

Not only did Cena defeat Jordan, he overcame pesky interference from both Doug & Danny Basham to emerge victorious.  WATCH: 56k | 300k

Meanwhile, former WWE Champions Kurt Angle and JBL had their master plan backfire on them. While doing commentary during the SmackDown! WWE Championship Series match between Big Show and Booker T, Angle and JBL decided to interfere and cause a double disqualification.

Angle and JBL figured that with no winner, it would just be them one-on-one next week in the United Kingdom for a chance to face Cena. Not quite.

General Manager Theodore Long immediately came out and ruled next week's fatal four-way featuring Angle, JBL, Booker T and Big Show with a spot opposite Cena on the line. WATCH: 56k | 300k

Later in the show, Angle and JBL lost a tag team match to Booker T and Big Show when Angle decided to walk out on his partner at a crucial moment.

SmackDown! also crowned new WWE Tag Team Champions as newcomers MNM stunned Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio. Earlier, MNM vandalized Latino Heat's lowrider to trigger his anger and force the match.

And while Eddie and Rey seemed to be in control late in the action, Melina threw herself on Joey Mercury to stop the 619 and then distracted Eddie outside the ring. Back in the ring, Johnny Nitro punched Mysterio and then both Nitro and Mercury connected with their devastating finisher to pick up the win. WATCH: 56k | 300k

After the match, a frustrated Guerrero pushed Mysterio to the mat and a disgusted Mysterio quickly returned the favor. WATCH: 56k | 300k

The Brooklyn Brawler also made an appearance, sharing the ring with Heidenreich. Heidenreich read a poem and declared the Brawler his friend. But the Brawler insulted his work and then revealed a Red Sox shirt under his Yankees shirt. To the New York's crowd delight, Heidenreich denounced the friendship and pounded the Brawler.

Also, impressive newcomer Matt Morgan had a match, quickly crushing his first opponent.


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