Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero

WWE Champion John Cena unveiled his new championship Thursday night in Chicago.

The wild Windy City crowd also watched a former champion get one step closer to gaining another opportunity for WWE glory.

Kurt Angle advanced in the SmackDown! Championship Series with a wild victory over Eddie Guerrero in the main event. Both Superstars had, and then lost momentum, in an exhausting match between a pair of old rivals.

Late in the action, with the referee down, a frustrated Angle finally brought a steel chair into the ring. But Rey Mysterio, Guerrero's WWE Tag Team Championship partner, would storm the ring, stun Angle and take back the chair.

By the time Latino Heat turned around, he saw Mysterio with a chair and became confused, sensing Mysterio was looking to inflict revenge for last week's incident when Guerrero cost Rey a chance to defeat JBL.

But before Mysterio could explain the situation, Angle rammed Mysterio from behind, ramming the chair right into Guerrero's head. Angle would recall the ref and earn the victory. WATCH: 56k | 300k

Angle and JBL have now both advanced to a Triple Threat Match in two weeks in the United Kingdom. The winner of next week's Booker T-Big Show match will be the third and final entry.

Meanwhile, Cena proudly wore his new spinning WWE Championship. An infuriated JBL thought he had stolen the new gold when he intercepted a package from a delivery man backstage. As it turned out, that box was filled with a nasty pile of guts from a local meat-packing plant.  WATCH: 56k | 300k

Earlier in the night, JBL called out his Cabinet for shoddy work of late, claiming he still might be WWE Champion if Orlando Jordan and the Bashams had done their jobs.

Carlito's Cabana also made its debut with Mysterio as the first-ever guest. After Carlito tried to start more trouble between Mysterio and Guerrero, a new tag team called MNM waltzed to the ring.

The fur coat-wearing tandem of Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury, who were accompanied by Melina, claimed they could easily capture the WWE Tag Team Championship with Rey and Eddie having so many issues. Moments later, they ambushed Mysterio, leaving him down and out as they left the Cabana.  WATCH: 56k | 300k

Paul London, who wasn't cleared to wrestle this week after receiving 18 staples in his head and losing tons of blood in a match last week, made an appearance and called out Chavo Guerrero.

The Cruiserweight Champion wanted revenge for last week. But Guerrero declined and then Billy Kidman attacked London from behind. Still, a furious London got the better of Kidman, landing a 450 Splash as Guerrero watched.

Also, Heidenreich won a match and then recited a bizarre poem about breaking wind in the Windy City. Plus, Torrie Wilson def. Dawn Marie.

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