Michelle motors to victory … but pays the price

Michelle motors to victory … but pays the price

MIAMI -- After an intense four-week battle, Michelle McCool emerged as the winner of the SmackDown Diva Competition. Unfortunately for the All-American Girl, the status of the blue brand's top Diva comes at a painful price: The tune of two other Divas knocking her and runner-up Cherry to the floor.

SmackDown Assistant General Manager Theodore Long started the ceremony, introducing Johnny Fratto and his family, owners of Beverly Hills Choppers. Fratto, the designer of the motorcycle, had the honor of announcing the winner of the contest and the new owner of the specially made Chopper.

Showing class and sportsmanship, Cherry immediately hugged and congratulated her fellow competitor. Victoria, however, was not as happy for Michelle. The bitter eliminated Diva set out to prove who the real top Diva on SmackDown is. This time, however, she wasn't alone.

After calling all of our fans morons for voting for Michelle and then failing in an attack on the All-American Diva, Victoria received some help from a new face. A woman, never before seen on SmackDown, pulled Michelle off Victoria. Then, without breaking a sweat, the mysterious Diva left both Michelle and Cherry on the ground, struggling to gather themselves back to total consciousness.

You, our fans, have made Michelle SmackDown's top Diva and the winner of the motorcycle from Beverly Hills Chopper, but someone else took matters into her own hands. We can only hope to find out soon who she is, and more importantly, what she wants.

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