Opportunity knocks

Opportunity knocks

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- In his first SmackDown appearance since winning Royal Rumble, Edge traded words with fellow Superstars who all wished they could be in his shoes with an opportunity to headline WrestleMania. However, five Superstars took matters into their own hands by qualifying for something closer on the horizon -- WWE Elimination Chamber. (Preview)

"The Cutting Edge" turned chaotic
At the start of the night, Chris Jericho lamented at the fact that Edge was back in WWE. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

By the end of the night, on the set of "The Cutting Edge," the former Unified Tag Team Champions came face-to-face again, engaging in an emotional war of words about the past, as well as the future.

Not wanting to be left out of the discussion, CM Punk (with Serena and Luke Gallows in tow) came to the ring to claim he would win at WWE Elimination Chamber to become the only four-time Straight Edge World Heavyweight Champion.

Next, after an ominous gong and moment of darkness, World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker appeared in the ring. Chaos then ensued with Edge spearing Jericho and The Phenom brutally chokeslamming Punk.

After the mayhem, it was just The Deadman and The Ultimate Opportunist left standing to size each other up. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

John Morrison def. Kane and Drew McIntyre in an Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Whereas five Raw Superstars qualified for WWE Elimination Chamber in singles competitions, the first qualifier match on SmackDown was a Triple Threat Match. Undaunted by the odds against him, John Morrison emerged victorious after delivering Starship Pain to Kane, who was already reeling from a Double Underhook DDT from Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre.

R-Truth def. Mike Knox in an Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
R-Truth earned perhaps the biggest opportunity of his career when he defeated big Mike Knox with a well-targeted corkscrew elbow.

Exclusive Raw footage shown on SmackDown (PHOTOS | WATCH)
SmackDown fans were treated to exclusive Raw action between Batista and John Cena that was not seen on Raw! The Animal absolutely unloaded on Cena, smashing him directly onto the steel ring steeps with a Batista Bomb!

CM Punk def. Batista by Count-out in an Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In one of the most perplexing moves in WWE in 2010, Batista chose not to tangle with CM Punk. Instead, The Animal just stood in the corner after the bell rang. Then after remaining there for a minute or so, he simply walked out of the ring. After failing to heed the ref's 10-count, Batista was disqualified. The Animal offered no clue as to why he passed up a chance to compete at WWE Elimination Chamber.

Chris Jericho def. Matt Hardy in an Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Despite his frustration with how things went at Royal Rumble, Chris Jericho turned things around by defeating Matt Hardy with a Codebreaker to qualify to face World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker in the Elimination Chamber.

Women's Champion Mickie James & Beth Phoenix def. Layla & Michelle McCool (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Just days after winning the Women's Championship at Royal Rumble, Mickie James found herself facing former champion Michelle McCool yet again -- this time in a tag match orchestrated by Official SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero. In a stunning betrayal, Beth Phoenix turned on Mickie and knocked her to the canvas after tagging her in. Then, The Glamazon knocked Michelle to the mat, as well. Undaunted, Mickie recovered from the traitorous act and rolled up Layla for the win.

Rey Mysterio def. Dolph Ziggler in an Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Familiar foes Rey Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler battled it out for a title opportunity at WWE Elimination Chamber. Like many of their past encounters, Ziggler fell short. Frustrated at his loss, Ziggler tried to attack Mysterio after the match, but only ended up getting 619'd for his underhanded attempt.

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