Rumble in the SmackDown jungle

Rumble in the SmackDown jungle

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- After being cheated out of winning the Beat the Clock Challenge last week on SmackDown by special guest referee Matt Striker, Undertaker came into his SmackDown Handicap Match against Striker & Mark Henry with retribution on his mind. While The Phenom found a measure of that revenge when he delivered a Tombstone to Striker for the victory, he was quickly assaulted by Big Daddy V & the World's Strongest Man. Not one to be denied, Undertaker managed to fight off the half-ton of humanity. (WATCH) Will Big Daddy V, Henry & Striker continue to target The Deadman as he heads toward the Royal Rumble?

Walk the walk

As announced earlier in the week on, United States Champion MVP will look to end the career of Ric Flair at Royal Rumble when the two face off in a Career Threatening Match with the "Nature Boy's" livelihood at stake. Well before that, however, former Flair protégé Batista took issue with the Ballin' Superstar on SmackDown. The Animal may have won the match by count-out after knocking MVP to the floor, but the Franchise Playa's night wasn't finished. He grabbed a steel chair to try and decimate Batista, but The Animal erupted and laid the U.S. Champion out with a spear. (WATCH)

Shocking the competition

While Ranjin Singh claimed that he strictly followed the training regimen of The Great Khali prior to an Arm Wrestling Contest against Hornswoggle, it was the power of the mind that would give Mr. McMahon's illegitimate son the upper hand for the win. With Finlay in his corner -- armed with an electro-shock device for extra protection -- Hornswoggle took full advantage of his opportunity and secured another improbable victory. The Punjabi giant didn't like the outcome, however, and tried to devastate the pint-sized prankster after the contest. But as has been the case recently, the Irishman made sure Khali did not have the chance, nailing him with a steel chair to chase him off.

The best of intentions

Jamie Noble defeated Chuck Palumbo for the fourth time in as many tries, this time in a Royal Rumble Qualifying Match. (WATCH) Noble now will head to the Rumble, while Chuck appears to be headed toward a breakdown. After the loss, the revved-up Superstar once again took out all his angst on good friend Michelle McCool. The All-American Diva was embarrassed by her supposed confidant's verbal bashing, and the friendship appears to be on the rocks. Jamie Noble showed his chivalrous side, however, and McCool once again seemed to appreciate the kindness.

Getting fired up

Earlier in the week on, Kane was named one of the 30 participants in this year's Royal Rumble Match, and he showed why he is one of the most feared Rumble competitors when he dismantled Domino on SmackDown. As Kane readies himself to make another Rumble impact, Domino and his partner Deuce are still looking for their first victory of 2008.

Family business

While General Manager Vickie Guerrero tried to congratulate Rey Mysterio on becoming No. 1 contender to her lover Edge and the World Championship, Rey voiced his displeasure at Vickie's public relationship with the Rated-R Superstar. Chavo Guerrero then interrupted to voice concerns with not just the GM's relationship, but also with Rey. When all was said and done, Vickie made a match between longtime rivals Rey and Chavo, one that Edge took a ringside seat for. Read the full story…

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