Who tried to run down Roman Reigns?

Roman Reigns is nearly run down in the parking lot: Raw, Aug. 5, 2019

A mysterious attacker attempts to ram Roman Reigns with his car, as The Big Dog gets into an altercation with Samoa Joe.

Nearly a week after barely avoiding disaster when a forklift mishap resulted in him almost being crushed by steal beams and scaffolding on SmackDown LIVE, Roman Reigns apparently learned that it’s looking less likely that his recent misfortunes are accidental.

Samoa Joe, furious that he was accused of orchestrating the attack on Reigns, sought out The Big Dog in the arena parking lot. The Samoan Shark seemingly had his name cleared in shocking fashion, as a speeding car rocketed past Joe and collided with Reigns’ ride as he was exiting. The Big Dog was shaken up, but WWE.com learned that he narrowly avoided permanent injury and has been released to appear for SmackDown LIVE.

Though Reigns may be fine, the shocking incident has left the WWE Universe asking who would attack The Big Dog and why. Will we discover any more information on SmackDown LIVE?

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