Samoa Joe crossed the line… again

Samoa Joe crossed the line… again

Samoa Joe took things too far again last week when he incapacitated WWE Champion AJ Styles with the Coquina Clutch after attacking him from behind, then chillingly spoke to AJ’s wife and children through the camera.

The furious Phenomenal One called Samoa Joe to the ring, but his nemesis instead appeared on the TitanTron from the arena parking lot. Affirming that he would not confront Styles in person, Joe revealed a cell phone, dialed a number and seemed to reveal that he was calling Styles’ wife, Wendy.

Joe asked “how is our little Annie?” while Styles fumed in the ring. After an uncomfortable tense few moments, Joe told Wendy that he would be stopping by the Styles household next Tuesday before hanging up, as Styles darted from the ring to find his nemesis. 

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