John Cena & Dean Ambrose def. AJ Styles & The Miz

John Cena & Dean Ambrose def. AJ Styles & The Miz

AJ Styles struggled to find a partner for this main event match against John Cena and Dean Ambrose all evening until finally Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan appointed him one – local competitor James Ellsworth.

The WWE World Champion looked as though he would have preferred no partner to the slender-framed Ellsworth. However, the champion’s problem would not remain a problem for long, as The Miz soon came from behind Ellsworth and attacked him, screaming out that he was the “main event” and signaling to Styles that he would take his place in the match. The WWE World Champion and Intercontinental Champion would now team together to take on Cena and Ambrose.

These four mega-Superstars did not hold back, all busting out with their best to put the other side down. The action in the match’s final moments was furious with Ambrose taking out Styles with a Suicide Dive and Cena finishing off Miz with an Attitude Adjustment for the win.

There would be no mutual respect shown between partners, however, as Ambrose did not hesitate to strike with Dirty Deeds on Cena after their victory.

No Mercy cometh

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