Rhyno Gored Heath Slater backstage at SmackDown Live

Rhyno uses a Gore to say hello to Heath Slater: SmackDown Live, Aug. 2, 2016

Heath Slater learns he can will a SmackDown Live contract next week if he can defeat the rampaging Rhyno.

Coming off being betrayed by his now former friend Jinder Mahal on Raw, Slater was back at it on SmackDown, yet again crashing the party in hopes of pleading his case as to why he deserved to be signed to a contract on Team Blue.

This time it would be Daniel Bryan to attempt to reason with Slater as he literally snuck in the backdoor of the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Naturally, refusing to take no for an answer, the idea of Slater having a match to win his way onto the SmackDown roster was broached. With both Slater and Bryan agreeing, it was now time to find Slater an opponent, or maybe, better yet, have an opponent find Slater.

Resembling shades of last week, Rhyno appeared and viciously hit Slater with a Gore in Bryan’s office. Bryan then made it official – Slater vs. Rhyno next week.

God bless, Heath Slater’s soul … and abdomen.

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