Where will Kane’s allegiance lie on Sunday?

Where will Kane’s allegiance lie on Sunday?

This Sunday’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match at Extreme Rules was already shaping up to be unusual. Per the challenger, Randy Orton, the match would be waged inside a steel cage and, as dictated by titleholder Seth Rollins, The Viper’s RKO would be banned. But then, this past Monday on Raw, Triple H added an interesting wrinkle to the anticipated confrontation by appointing Kane as the bout’s “Gatekeeper,” meaning that any Superstar thinking of escaping the cage through the door will need to first get past the Director of Operations.

One would think that putting a member of The Authority in such a position would seal a victory for “The Future of WWE,” but Kane hasn’t exactly been silent about his disapproval of Rollins of late, nearly going so far as to resign from WWE on Raw in light of The Architect’s blatant disrespect. Since it seems increasingly unlikely Kane will be able to remain completely impartial, will he ultimately choose to protect The Authority’s chosen champion in Sunday’s Steel Cage Match, or will the DOO succumb to his personal urges and deny Rollins a victory?

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Rollins has been quick to remind Kane that he’s no longer the demon he once was, having traded his eerie red mask for a suit and tie as a WWE executive — a role that’s becoming more and more difficult for the one-time Big Red Monster as his own beliefs clash with those of his associates and even WWE’s COO, Triple H. Kane’s appointment as “Gatekeeper” in Extreme Rules’ main event is a huge opportunity for Kane to assert himself as a dominant force in WWE, but it’s also a test of his loyalty. Should Kane fail to secure a victory for Rollins, will Triple H save Kane the trouble of resigning and fire him from WWE?

Even if that is the case, though, what does Kane have to lose? After Kane attempted to give his two weeks’ notice on Monday night, it seems as though the longtime veteran and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is already thinking about a life beyond WWE. If that is indeed the case, will Kane defy The Authority in spite of the consequences?

Even though Kane assured Rollins that he would do “what’s best for business” in a WWE.com exclusive after SmackDown, it remains to be seen whether the DOO will actually aid Rollins when future of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship rests in his hands. Will Kane benefit Rollins, Orton or neither Superstar? Don’t miss this or any of the action at Extreme Rules, this Sunday at 8/5 PT on WWE Network.

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