SmackDown Five-Point Preview: June 6, 2014

SmackDown Five-Point Preview: June 6, 2014

Why did Seth Rollins betray the Shield?

Why Seth, Why?!

A special look at the actions that led to The Shield's implosion. Seth Rollins speaks this Friday on SmackDown.

From out of nowhere – with the ink from The Shield’s Payback victory over Evolution still drying in the record books – Seth Rollins betrayed Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns with a vicious steel chair assault!

While CCO Triple H would not offer an explanation for this shocking act of treachery in his weekly exclusive interview, the so-called Architect of The Hounds of Justice is set to address SmackDown tonight! What reason will Rollins provide for turning on those closest to him and aligning himself with his adversaries? Find out tonight at 8/7 CT on Syfy.

For further insight, don’t miss SmackDown Pre-Show, beginning at 7:30 ET, exclusively on WWE Network.

Who will triumph in SmackDown’s Intercontinental Title Triple Threat Match?

Rob Van Dam vs. Bad News Barrett - Intercontinental Title Match: WWE Main Event, June 3, 2014

Cesaro crashes the Intercontinental Title Match between Bad News Barrett and Rob Van Dam.

Tuesday night, the plot thickened in the contention for the Intercontinental Championship, as Cesaro attacked both Bad News Barrett and Rob Van Dam in the midst of their WWE Main Event title showdown. As a result, the three Superstars will square off in a Triple Threat Match for the illusions gold tonight.

Considering the combined toughness of the competitors involved, this showdown promises to be an absolutely brutal encounter from start to finish. Will Barrett put a damper on his two No. 1 contenders? Or will the very nature of the free-for-all showdown ensure some very bad news for the reigning titleholder? Find out tonight on SmackDown!

How will Bray Wyatt respond to Payback?

Following his Last Man Standing contest against John Cena at WWE Payback, Bray Wyatt returns to SmackDown tonight to speak for the first time since being unable to answer the ten-count. What will the Eater of Worlds have to say now that his plan to expose Cena as a “fraud” has been brought to a screeching halt?

Wyatt has suffered setbacks in the past but seemingly always comes out of them with a new direction and exceedingly creepy resolve. Will that trend continue or did the loss at Payback finally humble The Man of 1,000 Truths? Don’t miss SmackDown tonight on Syfy at 8/7 CT to find out!

Can Bo Dallas inspire a (Milan) Miracle?

Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas: Raw, June 2, 2014

Bo Dallas looks to make a Bo-Liever out of Kofi Kingston.

The inspirational Bo Dallas is undefeated thus far in his up-and-coming WWE career. Yet, even more discussed than his slowly growing winning streak and his enthusiastic demeanor is his propensity for pleading with his opponents and the WWE Universe that all they need to do is “Bo-lieve” to be successful.

Will Dallas continue his winning ways and make his scheduled SmackDown opponent, Santino Marella, a Bo-liever or will The Milan Miracle be the first to lower his spirits by handing him a huge Friday night loss? Find out tonight on SmackDown!

Can Natalya catch a wild Fox?

Alicia Fox has been the most unpredictable Diva on the roster for the past several weeks. Whether it’spouring soda down her face, stealing JBL’s cowboy hat or taking Divas Champion Paige to her absolute limits at Payback, Fox’s antics have the whole WWE Universe talking.

Enter: Natalya. The third-generation Divas is reeling from an incredible contest against Charlotte at NXT Takeover and is now setting her sights on getting back into contention for the Diva’s Championship. Will Alicia be able to outfox Natalya, or will the “Total Divas” star knock the silly right out of her tonight on SmackDown.

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