SmackDown Five Point Preview: May 17, 2013

Will “Miz TV” survive Randy Orton and Big Show?

SmackDown Five Point Preview: May 17, 2013

Four days after The Miz’s triumphant return on Raw, The Awesome One will look to electrify SmackDown tonight with another edition of “Miz TV.” But is it prudent for the controversial instigator to welcome bitter adversaries Randy Orton and Big Show onto “The Most Must-See Talk Show in WWE History”?

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After all, The Viper is set to lock horns with The World’s Largest Athlete this Sunday in what is guaranteed to be an absolutely brutal Extreme Rules Match, following weeks of mayhem between the two furious competitors. Primed to go head-to-head in a match where anything goes, it remains to be seen whether the giant or WWE’s Apex Predator will opt to start the show two days early.

Will The Shield fortify itself to the Extreme?

SmackDown Five Point Preview: May 17, 2013

For months, the combination of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have dominated WWE, mixing their unique brand of vicious “justice” with a strategic numbers advantage. At Extreme Rules, the treacherous trio has the chance to capture by the  WWE Tag Team and United States Championships. But first, they will try to continue an all-out destructive week — including a  Triple Powerbomb on WWE Champion John Cena and an  attack on WWE Tag Team Champion Kane — with a fierce battle against The Usos.

Two days after Jey and Jimmy charged to the ring to help out The Big Red Monster on WWE Main Event, will the high-flying Samoans put a major monkey wrench in everything The Shield has worked for? Or will “The Hounds of Justice” make a final statement of havoc before charging into Sunday’s bedlam?

Does success truly mean never having to say “I Quit”?

SmackDown Five Point Preview: May 17, 2013

Take two dangerous SmackDown Superstars whose distaste for each other goes way past who stands tall when a bell rings, add the incentive of a World Heavyweight Championship Match opportunity and instruct them to cause so much damage to their opponent that he will be left no choice by to utter the words “I Quit!”

The road to the latest epic clash between formidable foes Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger has been a painful one. And following Monday’s back-and-forth free-for-all between them, it remains to be seen who will try to deliver the final blow for momentum, two days before their career-altering “I Quit” showdown at Extreme Rules.

Whip it? Whip it good?

SmackDown Five Point Preview: May 17, 2013

Whether engaging in incredible tests of strength, launching backstage  sneak attacks or just poking a stick to further provoke anger, the collision between Sheamus and Mark Henry simply couldn’t get more intense. Oh, unless you decided to tie them together with a strap, ring the bell and get out of the way.

On Monday, the WWE Universe got  a small taste of what they will see at Sunday’s  pay-per-view match between The Celtic Warrior and The World’s Strongest Man. Will the strap make another excruciating appearance tonight? 

Will Jericho choose to cut in on Fandango?

SmackDown Five Point Preview: May 17, 2013

On Raw, Fandango and his sultry dance partner Summer Rae tricked Chris Jericho to give Y2J’s dancing adversary the opportunity to launch a brutal sneak attack. Not one to wait for a  pay-per-view match to get payback, will The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla journey into his match against Antonio Cesaro with the music of retribution on his mind?

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