WWE Universe: Was July 25, 2002 the greatest episode of SmackDown ever?

WWE Universe: Was July 25, 2002 the greatest episode of SmackDown ever?

From the time that SmackDown premiered in 1999 all the way up to today, it may very well be impossible to select the greatest moment in blue brand history. ( SMACKDOWN MILESTONE MOMENTS) But what about the single best SmackDown episode of all time?

Some contest that perhaps the supreme SmackDown occurred on July 25, 2002. Think back to that monumental night, at a time when the legendary SmackDown Fist dominated the stage at the top of the ramp and Stephanie McMahon sat at the helm as the General Manager — with the lovely Stacy Keibler at her service.

In a pair of fierce contests, Rey Mysterio entered the WWE ring for the very first time in his debut match and an up-and-coming John Cena scored a huge win in singles competition.

Tensions ran high as Kurt Angle battled Mark Henry, with Brock Lesnar emerging to deliver the F-5 to The World’s Strongest Man, before stealing Hulk Hogan’s car! Two icons joined forces in a World Tag Team Title Match as The Hulkster teamed up with The People’s Champion, The Rock, to challenge the reigning titleholders Lance Storm & Christian.

Then in a brutal main event, treacherous involvement by The Un-Americans in Edge’s Steel Cage Match against Chris Jericho brought Cena and Mysterio back to the ring to even the odds. In a stunning act of daring, the newly signed, high-flying Mysterio leaped from the top of the cage and into the action!

If that wasn’t enough, the episode ultimately ended with a cliffhanger, as Stephanie and the WWE Universe were left to try and figure out who then–Raw GM Eric Bischoff had in his limo as he drove off and what he had planned in his competition with the blue brand.

WWE.com contests that perhaps this episode was the best ever. What do you think? Poll: Was July 25, 2002 the best SmackDown ever? Share your favorite episode of SmackDown below.

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