How can Sheamus defeat Big Show?

How can Sheamus defeat Big Show?

Just one week ago, a very real argument could have been made that Sheamus was the single most dominant World Heavyweight Champion of all time. But at WWE Hell in a Cell, two giant KO Punches did everything they could to silence that argument as Big Show bested The Celtic Warrior and laid claim to his illustrious title. Now, with a Survivor Series rematch already set, the WWE Universe — and, for that matter, Sheamus himself — are left to wonder just how the former titleholder can hope to defeat his gigantic nemesis and reclaim the championship gold that was taken by the colossus.

With a willingness to take on all comers and an uncanny ability to fight through pain, The Celtic Warrior was a proud and unstoppable champion, flourishing in his role atop WWE. So when Sheamus met Big Show at WWE Hell in a Cell, despite the giant-size odds stacked squarely against him, it only stood to reason that the fighting champion would once again prevail.

But it was not to be.

The match itself was just as physical and brutal as the WWE Universe expected, as the two powerhouses displayed a ferocity that was, at times, frightening to watch. When it was all over, though, Sheamus’ reign as World Champion came crashing to an end. The former champion will have another chance at The World’s Largest Athlete — and at his World Title — come Survivor Series, but how does one even begin to prepare for Big Show?

At times in their match at WWE Hell in a Cell, the new champion displayed complete domination over The Celtic Warrior, tossing the Irish Superstar around the ring like a rag doll, and leaving angry red welts that materialized all over the brawler’s chest.

That said, overpowering Big Show may be out of the question. Perhaps The Celtic Warrior should instead focus on his submission skills, which were prominently on display in his World Title 2-out-of-3 Falls Match against Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules. But think back to WWE Hell in a Cell — Sheamus tried to lock in the Cloverleaf, but to no avail as Big Show powered his way out of the usually devastating hold.

There’s always the old standby of the Brogue, though, right? Well, maybe not.

As was made abundantly clear at WWE Hell in a Cell, even the mighty Brogue Kick missed the mark and failed to bring the giant down. Without his most potent weapon, how can Sheamus possibly beat Big Show? Sheamus hammered away at the giant with every move in his arsenal, but Big Show kept powering ahead, kicking out of a thundering White Noise and the Brogue Kick.

Sheamus gave Show everything he had, and Show absorbed it all.

But, just as it took two KO Punches from Big Show to dethrone The Celtic Warrior, maybe if Sheamus had connected with a second Brogue Kick at WWE Hell in a Cell, his title reign would have continued.

Also, keep in mind that it was the first time Sheamus ever faced Big Show in a one-on-one battle, and it took a massive array of offensive power moves that included a chokeslam and two KO Punches to stop the former champion. What’s more, Sheamus has now hit White Noise on the 441-pound Big Show twice, an astonishing feat of strength that will certainly play a factor in their coming rematch. And as was evidenced in the wake of Big Show’s pub room attack on the Nov. 6 episode of SuperSmackDown Live, it became clear that Sheamus is angry. As the WWE Universe knows, an angry Celtic Warrior is capable of some mass destruction of his own.

It’s more than a little strange to see the giant get manhandled, but through flashes of brilliance since their meeting at WWE Hell in a Cell, Sheamus has done just that. Perhaps those flashes can lead Sheamus to the light of another World Title reign. After all, only three seconds is the difference between victory and defeat in WWE.

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