"Victims" of Big Show's KO Punch and Sheamus' Brogue Kick weigh in on both

"Victims" of Big Show's KO Punch and Sheamus' Brogue Kick weigh in on both

Booker T presents a Brogue Kick vs. KO Punch Contest: SmackDown, Oct. 12, 2012

Chaos ensues when World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and Big Show participate in a Brogue Kick vs. KO Punch Contest.

When World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defends his illustrious title against Big Show at Hell in a Cell on Oct. 28, it won’t only be a clash between two of WWE’s most dominant Superstars, but also two of WWE’s most devastating finishing strikes. ( MATCH PREVIEW)

Big Show’s KO Punch and Sheamus’ Brogue Kick have helped their respective wielders tear through WWE’s ranks, and these game-changing strikes would undoubtedly be near the top of any list of WWE’s most impactful moves. Such was proven on the Oct. 12 episode of SmackDown when Big Show won a KO Punch vs. Brogue Kick contest with a staggeringly powerful punch of 1,809 pounds per square inch, nearly 500 more than Sheamus’ incredible kick of 1,322.

But that contest doesn’t tell the full story of these destructive blows. As Sheamus mentioned on SmackDown, a special, calibrated machine doesn’t move or hit back. While it is fascinating to get a mathematical answer as to which move is more forceful, it’s still unclear which is more dynamic when used on a human being. What might happen when these thunderous finishers clash at Hell in a Cell? ( VOTE) WWE.com spoke with several Superstars who have felt the sting of the KO Punch or the Brogue Kick or, in the case of one particularly unlucky personal ring announcer, both.

“I’ve been knocked out twice with the Brogue Kick and three times with the KO Punch,” Ricardo Rodriguez lamented. “The KO Punch is like a jumbo jet coming at you at 1,000 miles per hour. Then you get knocked out.”

Metaphors like airplanes or runaway trains are always common when Superstars try to describe the KO Punch or the Brogue Kick. In Damien Sandow’s case, however, Sheamus’ vicious finisher struck without warning. “I actually don’t know what the Brogue Kick feels like,” The Intellectual Savior of the Masses bluntly stated. “The only time I felt it, I was assisting my partner, Cody Rhodes, and I was assaulted. I remember nothing.”

When pressed on the aftereffects, Sandow admitted, “When I awoke, I had a headache, but I assure you, as always, my thoughts were clear.” But as much as Sandow might misremember the details or try and sugarcoat it, the Brogue Kick has destructive effects.

Just ask Mr. Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler, a Superstar who frequently finds himself dining at the Brogue Kick buffet. “Sometimes I can feel parts of my teeth going into the back of my head because it’s such a powerful kick from such a strong guy,” Ziggler said. “It feels like your face implodes inside your face. And when you wake up, it’s very sore.”

Ziggler went on to explain that Big Show’s finisher is equally imposing, “The KO Punch has knocked me out numerous times. It’s like a boxer who is trained to punch people in the face and knock them out … if that boxer is six times bigger, stronger and taller than anyone else who’s ever stepped in the ring.” The Showoff clarified that it’s an intimidating combination of raw power and honed technique, “Big Show has actually trained in boxing. He knows where to hit. He knows how to hit. And when he hits you in the face, it’s similar to the Brogue Kick. It’s the power that both those guys possess and the ability to pull it out so quickly.”

That sudden, startling power is what makes each move so dangerous. The KO Punch and the Brogue Kick literally can come out of nowhere. But which move is better, who has the overall advantage and who will win at Hell in a Cell?

Although Ziggler doesn’t particularly favor either Superstar, he appeared to side with the reigning champion, saying, “Sheamus is a strong, young, powerful opponent, and the Brogue Kick has knocked me totally senseless many times, so I’ve got to go with the kick. But it doesn’t matter who wins at Hell in a Cell. After they beat the hell out of each other, I will come and cash in my Money in the Bank contract and become World Heavyweight Champion.”

Sandow declined to choose a Hell in a Cell winner, claiming, “I know the masses sway on my every decision. My opinion, as usual, could impact the entire WWE Universe, so I will not be disclosing it at this time.”

Rodriguez reluctantly weighed in, “My injuries say KO Punch, but I actually don’t like Big Show or Sheamus, so I hope they both lose.” Ricardo, however, sees the Hell in a Cell battle as a possible physics experiment of sorts, asking, “What if, as Sheamus is going for the Brogue Kick, Big Show KO Punches his foot? Think about that one!”

Until the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view reveals whether the KO Punch or the Brogue Kick is more effective and brutal when they go head-to-head, Ziggler has the last word on what can happen if either one connects. “You wake up asking, ‘Did I win? Did I lose?’ Well, obviously you lost.”

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