Too Good to ‘Beli-Eve’?

Too Good to ‘Beli-Eve’?

After shockingly losing a No. 1 contenders Divas Battle Royal to Kaitlyn on Monday’s Raw, (PHOTOS | WATCH) the devious Eve would surely be angry and bitter. Or so the WWE Universe thought.

In a surprising display of sportsmanship on SmackDown, Eve congratulated both Divas Champion Layla and the new No. 1 contender, Kaitlyn. ( PHOTOS | WATCH) Not stopping there, the multi-talented Diva continued her atypical conduct backstage, showing tremendous initiative in her role as Assistant to SmackDown General Manager Booker T. Her suggestions for improving the congested tag team division, in addition to her tremendous organizational skills and work ethic greatly impressed Booker and showed up Senior Advisor, Teddy Long. ( WATCH)

These uncharacteristically selfless actions suggest that the much-maligned Diva has turned over a new leaf. But with a twisted history of lies and deceitful behavior, it’s also possible that the calculating beauty has a hidden agenda.

After all, a little scheming would hardly be out of character for the Diva who broke Zack Ryder’s heart, boasted of her control over men, lost the match for Team Teddy at WrestleMania and was a key player in John Laurinaitis’ infamous “People Power” regime.

Eve’s stunning looks, dazzling athleticism and supreme intellect allow her to excel at almost anything she puts her mind to. But if she indeed has ulterior motives, what are they and who should be most concerned — Booker, Teddy, Layla, Kaitlyn, everyone?

While Eve’s endgame is unclear, there can be little doubt that the gorgeous, versatile and motivated Diva is up to something as she continues to climb the corporate ladder.

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