Lilian Garcia's special homecoming

Lilian Garcia's special homecoming
Whoever said “you can’t go home again” clearly wouldn’t understand the significance behind the June 8 edition of SmackDown for ring announcer Lilian Garcia.

Though she was born in Spain, Lilian moved to the United States and settled in Columbia, S.C., where her father would be stationed at Fort Jackson. The eight-year-old “army brat” thrived in that very special place, which she attributes to teaching her who she was and how she could set herself on the road to success. After forming lifelong friendships and engaging in a number of activities in a community that she loved so much, the determined entertainer would go on to the University of South Carolina and, eventually, WWE.

Now, the latest episode of SmackDown marks the first time the beautiful Diva has traveled back to the place she called home since her return to the ring late last year.  

“I was really excited when I found out we were coming here,” Lilian remarked. “We have come closer a few times, but to finally get to do this show here feels really good.”

“My parents are in attendance, as well as friends,” the excited hometown Diva remarked. “I’m even going to get to sing the National Anthem right before we go on the air, which is really special for me. It truly is a great honor.”

Although it may be true that few truly get to go home again, Lilian feels that she has come full circle with what she calls “a very special SmackDown show” – with a unique opportunity to show those closest to her the full embodiment of what she has become.

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