Can Rhodes rebound from Street Fight loss?

Can Rhodes rebound from Street Fight loss?

Despite a valiant effort, Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes could not find a way to stop the hard-charging Randy Orton in a Street Fight on SmackDown (PHOTOS).

After administering two blistering RKOs for the win, Orton added insult to injury by placing one of Rhodes’ paper bags over his head. On top of that, Rhodes’ protective face mask was cracked at some point during the bout when both he and Orton used it to smash each other in the face.

But in an exclusive interview after the match with, Rhodes seemed unfazed by it all.

"Although my mask was cracked, my resolve remains stronger than ever,” he said.

“I set out to revive the Intercontinental Championship. I set out to behead The Viper. I'll admit it's a step back. But I've been known to take two steps forward as well. So I would just say, stay tuned.”

Who is next to challenge Rhodes’ resolve? Whoever it may be, Rhodes pointed out in a recent Exclusive video that he is ready to take on all comers.embedcolon25041496

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