10 colossal challenges for Big Show to conquer!

10 colossal challenges for Big Show to conquer!

WWE.com offers their suggestions for 10 other things that the new World Heavyweight Champion Big Show should look to conquer.

Introduce the WMD into a whole new ring

10 colossal challenges for Big Show to conquer!

Without a doubt, Big Show processes the most dominant fist in the squared circle. His WMD has laid waste to his a countless string of victims — most recently Randy Orton, Brodus Clay and Tensai. And that’s just after hitting them once. What if the colossal Big Show took his knockout blow into a boxing ring?

It’s hard to believe that the standard boxing glove could provide any salvation for the recipient of a pugilistic attack by The World’s Largest Athlete. And when one considers how many times a fighter gets hit in a standard match … well, let’s just say the giant probably wouldn’t have to wait for the judges to render their decisions.   

Victory in the Royal Rumble Match

10 colossal challenges for Big Show to conquer!

Big Show has said on numerous occasions that he is sick of being made into a “joke.” While we here at WWE.com would personally never make such a claim, what better way for him to prove the extent of his absolute dominance than to overcome 29 other Superstars in the ultimate match of bedlam and send himself skyrocketing into the main event of WrestleMania?

While never having emerged victorious in a Royal Rumble Match, the giant has come so close — being one of the last two competitors on two separate occasions and personally eliminating an incredible 25 Superstars total in his Rumble appearances! It’s safe to say that if The World’s Largest Athlete could take it to the next level and earn himself the main event at The Show of Shows, then no one in the world would ever dare laugh again. 

Big Show and the bear?

10 colossal challenges for Big Show to conquer!

In the WWE Film “Knucklehead,” Big Show’s character actually fought a bear. Might we suggest that it’s time for life to imitate art? Could the giant “bear” to lock horns with a grotesque grizzly or other rough and tough creatures in the wild kingdom for that matter?

Though Show defeated The Viper, Randy Orton, on the Sept. 28 edition of SmackDown to become the No. 1 contender to The Celtic Warrior, how would he fare against a python? It’s true he knocked out The Funkasaurus, but would the WMD have the same effect on a charging elephant? Worried about the 400-pound gorilla in the room? Try a chokeslam, courtesy of the giant. That may just put your troubles to rest permanently. 

The biggest 450 Splash ever

10 colossal challenges for Big Show to conquer!

With the WMD and the chokeslam causing such indescribable carnage as of late, it’s hard to imagine that a Superstar as towering as Big Show would be capable of doing a dropkick or an elbow drop off the top rope. But, believe it or not, this is a recorded fact. So, if he can do that, what’s to stop Show from reaching even higher?

Just imagine the earth-shattering impact that would be created if The World’s Largest Athlete were to climb to the top rope and hurl himself through the air in a massive flip, crashing down onto an unfortunate soul with the 450 Splash. Already known to cause the ring to collapse with a superplex on two separate occasions — first with Brock Lesnar and then with Mark Henry — could the ring possibly support the supersized velocity of Big Show carrying out such a maneuver? One thing is for sure: If he were to hit it, his opponent would be the only person that would never remember it.

No, I am the Tag Team Champions

10 colossal challenges for Big Show to conquer!

In recent weeks, both Daniel Bryan and Kane have claimed that they are, individually, the WWE Tag Team Champions. But, if there is one Superstar truly capable of following through with such a colossal claim, it’s The World’s Largest Athlete.

A multi-time tag team titleholder who captured the title gold alongside the likes of The Big Red Monster, The Undertaker and Chris Jericho certainly knows the lay of the land. And while the current tag team division is incredibly competitive at the moment, the level of aggressive brutality displayed by the returning, gigantic Superstar could very well make him an odds on favorite against the likes of The Prime Time Players, Kofi Kingston & R-Truth and possibly even Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara.   

All hail, King Big Show!

10 colossal challenges for Big Show to conquer!

Heavy is the head that wears the World’s Largest Crown. Not only would Big Show winning the King of the Ring Tournament serve as the ultimate testament to his destructive capability, but also the fallout under the rule of his massive boot would send shockwaves through the entire WWE, shaking things up like never before.

Ultimately, this regal triumph would further link the giant to the great and royal lineage of WWE Hall of Famers like Bret “Hit Man” Hart and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, while serving as a reminder of his majestic supremacy.  

Giants are pretty strong, too

10 colossal challenges for Big Show to conquer!

While Big Show has had many memorable battles with The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry, he has never attempted to beat him at his own game. We here at WWE.com think this showdown is long overdue, as Big Show should enter a strongman competition.

In the past, the WWE Universe bore witness to what a furious Show can do to a jeep, a steel ring steps or a group of Superstars for that matter. Ask yourself then: What if a truck, or even a train, made him mad — just moments before he was going to pull it? Without a doubt, the incensed giant could lift tire-stacked barbells like they are butter and hurl boulders like bocce balls? In reality, the legendary Atlas Stone would prove more like a shot put in the hands of The World’s Largest Athlete.

The World’s Largest Stable

10 colossal challenges for Big Show to conquer!

Ask yourself this: If you were a WWE Superstar, is there anyone you would rather have accompany you to the ring as a manager, backing you up every inch of the way, than a 7-foot, 441-pound giant?

A referee makes a questionable call against you and who does he have to deal with: Big Show. An opponent tries to follow you out of the ring for a dangerous ringside assault and who’s standing in the way: Big Show. Is there anyone you would want grabbing your opponent’s leg as he was coming off the ropes more than a manager with the furthest reach in the business?

Clearly, the leadership of the mammoth Superstar would inspire his Superstars to unprecedented heights.

A ‘Big’ problem for Ryback

10 colossal challenges for Big Show to conquer!

It’s true that the fierce Ryback is not a giant. But in the midst of his endless string of onslaughts, the ultra-intense Superstar definitely paints that picture. Stomping into the squared circle, ripping through 2-on-1 Handicap Matches like they were a pre-match warm-up — even delivering a Shell Shocked to a Superstar the size of Tensai — what could better represent pure immensity?

However, would he still be demanding, “Feed me more!” if he was standing across the ring from the towering feast that is Big Show? If the giant did take him on, rather than screaming “finish it,” Ryback’s undefeated streak might simply be finished.

Hot dogging it in Brooklyn

10 colossal challenges for Big Show to conquer!

Speaking of feeding, since Big Show has captured every championship available to him in the WWE ring, perhaps there is another title he should chase that he’s never set his sights on, something he could tackle on his lunch break — the Mustard Championship at Nathan’s annual Hot Dog Eating Competition in Brooklyn, N.Y.

While a normal man might have trouble walking into the longstanding Coney Island competition and keeping up, it would be child’s play for a giant. The current record for that contest stands at nearly 70 hot dogs. Without question, Big Show could consume that many in half the time … and still have enough room for some New York–style pizza and a bagel before hitting the gym.

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