Create a Royal Rumble Match pool:'s how-to guide

Create a Royal Rumble Match pool:'s how-to guide

You can win the Royal Rumble Match!* Now that we have your attention ...

The editorial staff at, always trying to bring the squared circle into our squared cubicles, wants to share an annual Royal Rumble tradition with the rest of the WWE Universe. Each year as the Royal Rumble Match looms, staffers emerge from their desks in a concentrated effort to get in on the action of that famed over-the-top-rope challenge. And now we’d like to bring our Royal Rumble Match shenanigans into your living room!

All you need is a couch, a hat, scraps of paper, some buddies, the pay-per-view, a batch of prizes for you and your friends and, of course, just a little bit of that old Hornswoggle luck, and you, too, can get involved in January’s signature melee.


1. Gather a group and select 30 numbers from a hat at random, with everyone picking a number between one and 30. Your number corresponds to a Superstar entrant in the Royal Rumble Match. (So for example, if this was 1995 and you drew No. 1, Shawn Michaels would be your guy, because he entered the match first.)

2. Watch the Royal Rumble Match, and cheer on your Superstar!

How to watch Royal Rumble

3. If your entrant wins the over-the-top melee, you win the grand prize! Supplemental prizes can also be given for runners-up, most eliminations or whatever rules you and your party want to set.

Be sure to share your Royal Rumble Match pool with the rest of the WWE Universe Sunday by tweeting and Touting your pics @WWE, using #RRumblePool.

*You can’t win the actual Royal Rumble Match, and neither can we. But you CAN win your very own Royal Rumble Match pool. So that’s something.

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