Troops visit the Royal Rumble

Troops visit the Royal Rumble

The United States Military was represented at the Royal Rumble as two servicemen recovering from injuries suffered in the line of duty were in attendance.

Senior Airman Dan Acosta lost his arm when he was deactivating an IED in Iraq. He lost his arm at the shoulder and will have special surgery in the next month or so. It will connect his prosthetic arm to the nerves in his body so he eventually will be able to move it mentally.

Acosta was excited to be in San Antonio and praised the work of WWE.

"WWE shows a lot of support and appreciation to the troops, so it means a lot to all of us, and it means a lot to be here for me personally."

Staff Sergeant Israel Del Toro was very seriously wounded and received severe burns while serving overseas. His recovery is expected to last a few more years.

Del Toro explained that it was his first time at a WWE event, and a smile came to his face as he discussed his favorite moment.

"It was watching my son get excited for John Cena and The Hardys. I'm hoping Batista wins tonight, too." 

Del Toro, like Acosta, had nothing but thanks for WWE. 

"It is incredible all they do for us. They show all the love and support in the world."

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