Rumble Match

Mr. McMahon (spot No. 2) wins the Royal Rumble Match

Mr. McMahon has only entered one Royal Rumble, but he's got a perfect record. In 1999, Mr. McMahon used his influence and numbers from The Rock and his Corporation to last eliminate Stone Cold and win the Royal Rumble Match. It was payback of sorts for The Rock, who was last eliminated by Stone Cold the year before. Stone Cold and Mr. McMahon entered at Nos. 1 and 2, respectively, but they outlasted the likes of Edge, Kane, Triple H and Mark Henry to be the final two participants. Had Stone Cold survived, he would have been the only Superstar in history to win back-to-back-to-back Royal Rumble Matches.


  1. Stone Cold
  2. Mr. McMahon
  3. Golga
  4. Droz
  5. Edge
  6. Gillberg
  7. Steve Blackman
  8. Dan Severn
  9. Tiger Ali Singh
  10. The Blue Meanie
  11. Mabel
  12. Road Dogg
  13. Gangrel
  14. Kurrgan
  15. Al Snow
  16. Goldust
  17. Godfather
  18. Kane
  19. Ken Shamrock
  20. Billy Gunn
  21. Test
  22. Big Boss Man
  23. Triple H
  24. Val Venis
  25. X-Pac
  26. Mark Henry
  27. Jeff Jarrett
  28. D-Lo Brown
  29. Owen Hart
  30. Chyna


  1. Golga by Stone Cold
  2. Gillberg by Edge
  3. Dan Severn by Mabel
  4. Steve Blackman by Tiger Ali Singh and Mabel
  5. Tiger Ali Singh by Mabel
  6. The Blue Meanie by Mabel
  7. Droz by Mabel
  8. Edge by Road Dogg
  9. Mabel by multiple Superstars
  10. Gangrel by Road Dogg
  11. Snow by Road Dogg
  12. Road Dogg by Kane
  13. Kurrgan by Kane
  14. Godfather by Kane
  15. Goldust by Kane
  16. Kane by himself
  17. Shamrock by Stone Cold
  18. Billy Gunn by Stone Cold
  19. Test by Stone Cold
  20. X-Pac by Boss Man
  21. Jeff Jarrett by Triple H
  22. Mark Henry by Chyna
  23. Chyna by Stone Cold
  24. Venis by Triple H
  25. Triple H by Stone Cold
  26. Owen by Stone Cold
  27. D-Lo by Big Boss Man
  28. Big Boss Man by Stone Cold
  29. Stone Cold by Mr. McMahon

WINNER: Mr. McMahon

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