Rumble Match

Stone Cold (spot No. 5) wins the Royal Rumble Match

Stone Cold entered at No. 5, then lasted more than 45 minutes to win the Royal Rumble Match amid much controversy. Stone Cold was actually eliminated during the match, but the referees failed to detect it, so he snuck back in. Stone Cold would go on to toss Bret Hart and claim the disputed victory. The final four included Stone Cold, Hart, Undertaker and Diesel.


  1. Crush
  2. Ahmed Johnson
  3. Razor Ramon
  4. Phineas Godwinn
  5. Stone Cold
  6. Bart Gunn
  7. Jake "The Snake" Roberts
  8. British Bulldog
  9. Pierroth
  10. The Sultan
  11. Mil Mascaras
  12. Triple H
  13. Owen Hart
  14. Goldust
  15. Cibernetico
  16. Marc Mero
  17. Latin Lover
  18. Faarooq
  19. Savio Vega
  20. Jesse James
  21. Bret Hart
  22. Jerry "The King" Lawler
  23. Diesel
  24. Terry Funk
  25. The Rock 
  26. Mankind
  27. Flash Funk
  28. Vader
  29. Henry Godwinn
  30. Undertaker


  1. Razor Ramon by Ahmed Johnson
  2. Ahmed Johnson by himself
  3. Crush by Phineas Godwinn
  4. Phineas Godwinn by Stone Cold
  5. Bart Gunn by Stone Cold
  6. Jake "The Snake" Roberts by Stone Cold
  7. The Sultan by British Bulldog
  8. British Bulldog by Owen Hart
  9. Cibernetico by Mil Mascaras
  10. Pierroth by Mil Mascaras
  11. Mil Mascaras by himself
  12. Triple H by Goldust
  13. Goldust by Owen Hart
  14. Latin Lover by Faarooq
  15. Faarooq by Ahmed Johnson
  16. Owen Hart by Stone Cold
  17. Marc Mero by Stone Cold
  18. Savio Vega by Stone Cold
  19. Jesse James by Stone Cold
  20. Jerry Lawler by Bret Hart
  21. Flash Funk by Vader
  22. Henry Godwinn by Undertaker
  23. The Rock by Mankind
  24. Terry Funk by Mankind
  25. Mankind by Undertaker
  26. Vader by Stone Cold
  27. Undertaker by Stone Cold
  28. Diesel by Bret Hart
  29. Bret Hart by Stone Cold

WINNER: Stone Cold

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