Rumble Match


Brock Lesnar (spot No. 29) wins the Royal Rumble Match

The final four Superstars in this Royal Rumble Match were Batista, Undertaker, Kane and Brock Lesnar. At first, it appeared that Kane and Undertaker would work together, but rarely do allegiances last in the Royal Rumble Match. Ultimately, Lesnar eliminated Undertaker to win.


  1. Shawn Michaels
  2. Chris Jericho
  3. Christopher Nowinski
  4. Rey Mysterio
  5. Edge
  6. Christian
  7. Chavo Guerrero
  8. Tajiri
  9. Bill DeMott
  10. Tommy Dreamer
  11. B-2
  12. Rob Van Dam
  13. Matt Hardy
  14. Eddie Guerrero
  15. Jeff Hardy
  16. Rosey
  17. Test
  18. John Cena
  19. Charlie Haas
  20. Rikishi
  21. Jamal
  22. Kane
  23. Shelton Benjamin
  24. Booker T
  25. A-Train
  26. Maven
  27. Goldust
  28. Batista
  29. Brock Lesnar
  30. Undertaker


  1. Shawn Michaels by Chris Jericho
  2. Christopher Nowinski by Rey Mysterio
  3. Rey Mysterio by Chris Jericho
  4. Bill DeMott by Edge
  5. Tommy Dreamer by Jericho and Christian
  6. Tajiri by Jericho
  7. B-2 by Edge
  8. Chavo Guerrero by Edge
  9. Edge by Jericho
  10. Christian by Jericho
  11. Jeff Hardy by Rob Van Dam
  12. Rosey by Kane
  13. Eddie Guerrero by Booker T
  14. Chris Jericho by Test
  15. Goldust by Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin
  16. Booker T by Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin
  17. Test by Batista
  18. Rikishi by Batista
  19. Charlie Haas by Brock Lesnar
  20. Shelton Benjamin by Brock Lesnar
  21. Matt Hardy by Brock Lesnar
  22. John Cena by Undertaker
  23. Jamal by Undertaker
  24. Maven by Undertaker
  25. A-Train by RVD and Kane
  26. Rob Van Dam by Kane
  27. Batista by Undertaker
  28. Kane by Undertaker
  29. Undertaker by Brock Lesnar

WINNER: Brock Lesnar

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