Divas Champion Charlotte def. Natalya

Natalya vs. Charlotte - Divas Title Match: WWE Roadblock 2016 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Natalya looks to dethrone Divas Champion Charlotte: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Though Charlotte had no plans of defending the Divas Championship at WWE Roadblock, Natalya earned herself an impromptu title opportunity during a backstage encounter with the champion and her WWE Hall of Fame father, Ric Flair. After being dismissed by Charlotte as a warm-up opponent, The Queen of Harts cited the words of her uncle Bret “Hit Man” Hart — to whom she dedicated the match — and accused the Flair family of cowardice, goading Charlotte into accepting her challenge to a title bout.

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The second- and third-generation Divas started the bout cautiously, trading leglocks on the mat before Natalya launched into a basement dropkick. Soon after, Charlotte slyly ripped her challenger out of the ring, painfully landing Natalya spine-first onto the floor. From there, the champion softened up Natalya for the Figure-Eight Leglock by targeting her left leg.

Charlotte eventually locked in her signature hold, but Natalya rolled over and reversed the pressure. To break the hold, Charlotte wisely pulled herself outside the ring and, upon reentering, connected with Natural Selection for a near-fall. Natalya would not be put away easily, though, as she garnered a two-count off a sit-out powerbomb. When she sank in the Sharpshooter — the move made famous by Uncle Bret — the WWE Universe in Toronto exploded. The self-proclaimed “genetically superior athlete” desperately reached for her father, causing Natalya to relinquish the hold and swing at “The Nature Boy.”

The momentary distraction was enough for Charlotte to capitalize on, as she rolled up Natalya and, with her feet illegally on the ropes for added leverage, pinned the proud Queen of Harts.

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