Vickie Guerrero ponders a possible super-stable

Vickie Guerrero ponders a possible super-stable

Many of the great managers in WWE history built his or her legendary stable of Superstars on the backs of a single outstanding athlete. WWE Hall of Fame manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan began his WWE Superstar empire with Big John Studd. Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart first launched his bid for greatness with Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. Now in 2011, is Vickie Guerrero the natural successor to this exclusive club of WWE managerial elite?

Fresh off United States Champion Dolph Ziggler's Fatal 4-Way victory at Night of Champions (PHOTOS), Vickie Guerrero made the claim that "every Superstar in the locker room wants to work with her." sat down with Raw's resident Cougar to discover to what degree she might be planning an expansion of her sphere of influence in order to create a super stable that rivals the most formidable factions in the annals of WWE. Perhaps due to recent events on Raw, or maybe because of your controversial quote at Night of Champions, there have been numerous rumors circulating that you're trying to bring a large faction of Superstars under your wing. What would you say to those rumors?

Vickie Guerrero: Well, Rumors are good.  I mean, it doesn't matter whether people are saying good or bad things really.  As long as I'm being talked about. That’s just good publicity - both for me and for any gentlemen that want to follow me. However, as far as Superstars, I have Dolph Ziggler right now. I do have my eye on Jack Swagger now and we’re going to see where that route leads to. You never know what can happen in WWE. Are there other Superstars or Divas on the roster right now that you could see lending your managerial services to?

Guerrero: Well, definitely Beth Phoenix & Natalya would be a top asset if I were going to build a stable. They are the strongest Divas out there and I certainly don’t want to be against them. Believe me, I have felt the wrath of The Glamazon before and that is not something I want to experience again. As far as Superstars that could make an impact, how about former WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty?         

Guerrero: Well, they are cute, that's for sure. Any attractive young men would be consisted strong possibles for my team. [sighs] Of course, you know me, the younger the better! So you're saying you would rule out veterans, like say Christian?

Guerrero: No, Christian is a very interesting prospect. I don’t know him too well and I haven’t worked with him at all. But, you can't argue with his ability or his resourcefulness for that matter. He would probably be of great value to me. Another up-and-coming competitor is Tyler Reks. Would he fit in the Guerrero stable?

Guerrero: Oh, Tyler’s yummy! [Vickie laughs]  You know, I have to consider looks first, being the Cougar that I am. If the looks of a particular Superstar's pass my test, then that will definitely get him a second interview. Only then, would I look at his skills and talent in the ring. Tyler does have talent, so who knows?  You mention looks. What would you say about someone like Cody Rhodes, hiding his face behind the mask?

Guerrero: Oh no, I don’t like the whole mask thing. I'd rather talk about Alberto Del Rio and so many others on the roster.  Well, let's talk about Del Rio. Being a former WWE Champion, you obviously have your eyes on him. Would you take along his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez as well?

Guerrero: Without a doubt! I need a car to get to the show. He could be my own personal chauffeur. As a manager, World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry must have come into your sights.

Guerrero: Oh yes, The World’s Strongest Man. Any Superstar with such unbelievable strength going for them would be of tremendous benefit to me. The more power that I can get on my team, the more that everyone is going to fear me in the hallways. With fear comes influence. Who wouldn't want that? Jack Swagger compared you to the great managers of the past recently. Now, if you were to create a stable, theoretically, what are some stables or managers that you really admire?

Guerrero: Well, first of all, for Jack Swagger to make such a comparison, I must say that I am truly honored. I’m truly blushing. Honestly, Sensational Sherri has always had a big impact on my life.  I watched her since was a little girl and she had both class and complete confidence in herself. That’s always very important to me. She stands far above the rest.  

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