Eck’s Factor: Raw SuperShow 10/17 analysis

Eck’s Factor: Raw SuperShow 10/17 analysis

MEXICO CITY -- Here are my takes on the big stories from Monday's Raw SuperShow that the WWE Universe is talking about on Facebook, Twitter and

Talking point: Jim Ross returns

Eck’s Factor: It was great to see Jim Ross back on TV one week after being fired by Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim General Manager of Raw, John Laurinaitis. Instead of returning J.R. to his rightful place at the announce table, however, Laurinaitis brought him back to compete in a tag team match with John Cena against Alberto Del Rio & Michael Cole. As entertaining as it was to see the sniveling Cole tapping out to Ross’ ankle lock, I would much rather listen to Ross call the matches than watch him compete in one.

embedcolon25039455Talking point: Triple H is ejected from the arena in Mexico City due to immigration problems

Eck’s Factor: Many in the WWE Universe were confused when Triple H was escorted out after John Laurinaitis claimed that there was an issue with The Game’s immigration papers. How did Triple H even get into Mexico without the proper paperwork at the border? That’s a great question, but I have no knowledge in these types of matters. I’ll ask my friend Nick Dickapopolis, a U.S. Immigration official, and get back to you.

embedcolon25039464Talking point: John Cena chooses a Last Man Standing stipulation for his match against WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio at Vengeance

Eck’s Factor: By virtue of Cena & Jim Ross’ victory over Del Rio & Michael Cole, Cena got to pick the type of match it will be when he challenges Del Rio this Sunday on pay-per-view. Last Man Standing is a good choice. I now have a lot more interest in seeing Cena and Del Rio face each other again.

Talking point: Mark Henry delivers an extra-special World’s Strongest Slam to John Morrison

Eck’s Factor: After his partners, Randy Orton & Sheamus, fought to the back against Cody Rhodes & Christian, respectively, in a six-man tag match, John Morrison was left alone in the ring with Henry. Predictably, things did not turn out well for JoMo. Henry tossed Morrison high in the air, caught him and delivered his finisher in one fluid motion. That was cool – unless you’re Morrison, that is.

embedcolon25039460Talking point: Zack Ryder wins again

Eck’s Factor: If you blinked, you probably missed Ryder’s victory over Jack Swagger. It wasn’t all that long ago that Ryder couldn’t even get on Raw or SmackDown. Now, not only is the self-professed Internet Champion regularly on both shows, but he’s actually winning on a consistent basis. Kudos to Ryder for getting himself over through persistence and ingenuity. However, as a guy who thinks that Swagger has a big upside, I’m scratching my head as to how the former World Heavyweight Champion could lose to “Mr. Woo Woo Woo” in less than a minute. Are you serious, bro?

Talking point: Mason Ryan looks dominant against Dolph Ziggler

Eck’s Factor: Ryan seemed well on his way to gaining another victory over the U.S. Champion before his temper got the better of him and he was disqualified. Because of his inexperience in the ring and his massive physique, Ryan is an easy target for so-called “smart” fans, many of whom believe that there are numerous technically-skilled Superstars who are more deserving of the spotlight. However, having a marketable look and connecting with a broad audience are two key attributes to make it in WWE. Ryan obviously has the look, and the fact is that he has been getting a positive reaction from the live crowds as of late.


For those who are unfamiliar with me, I come to WWE from The Baltimore Sun, where I was an assistant sports editor and the author of a pro wrestling blog titled Ring Posts. In between two stints with The Sun, I worked as the editor of WCW Magazine from 2000 to 2001. Follow me on Twitter and send your questions to @KevinEck_WWE.

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