Promise Kept

Promise Kept

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- On a night like New Year's Eve, most people wait until midnight to pop the champagne. But Mr. Kennedy just couldn't contain himself. The loudmouth from Green Bay, Wisc., celebrated early this year after defeating his rival Shawn Michaels.

Kennedy had promised to prevail over HBK before the end of 2007, and he did just that with only a couple of hours to spare.

After succumbing to Sweet Chin Music at Armageddon, the bleached blond bomber vowed that he'd had enough. But it was only Monday night, however, that Kennedy was finally able to keep his End of Year resolution.  Photos | Watch the video...

Royal Entrance

New Year's Eve brought with it the first qualifying match for the Royal Rumble pitting "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan against Umaga. Chants of "U-S-A" were drowned out by the revving of the Samoan Bulldozer as Umaga pounded Hacksaw to secure a spot at the Rumble on Jan. 27.  Photos

Gashed Hopes

The sparks continued to fly between JBL and Chris Jericho. During the Lonestar Loudmouth's showy Raw debut, Y2J charged in and the two exchanged blows, which opened a nasty gash across JBL's nose before a throng of officials were able to pull him away.  Photos | Watch the video...

Three Times a Lady

In a Triple Threat Title Match, Women's Champion Beth Phoenix defended her gold against Melina and Mickie James. In a topsy-turvy contest, the Glamazon finally managed to toss Mickie from the ring and pin Melina after an impressive Fisherman's Suplex. Photos | Watch the video...

Brass Kisser

In another test of  "tough love" arranged by Mr.
McMahon, William Regal battled the Chairman's bastard son, Hornswoggle. But when punch came to shove, the Raw General Manager just couldn't bring himself to break the little guy's face with a pair of brass knuckles handed to him by Mr. McMahon.

In the end, Hornswoggle waddled from the ring and left Regal to take a verbal thrashing from his boss. Photos | Watch the video...

Brother's Keeper

No line is too brash to cross for Randy Orton. As Jeff Hardy prepared to divebomb Santino Marella during their match Monday night, the WWE Champion came on the Titantron to show Hardy that he had just leveled his brother Matt with a shot to the elder Hardy's post-surgery appendix. The concerned Intercontinental Champion sprinted to his brother's aid and was reminded of just how low Orton is willing to go to keep his title. Photos | Watch the video...

Life Goes On

In his Win-or-Retire Match against Triple H, Ric Flair managed to survive another day by defeating his longtime friend and protégé. The Nature Boy had a little "help" when William Regal, perhaps hoping to please Mr. McMahon, wailed on Flair with brass knuckles causing the seasoned veteran to win by disqualification. Photos | Watch the video...

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