The return of a 'wrestling god'

The return of a 'wrestling god'

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- It looks like the second coming of Y2J has awakened a "wrestling god" -- get ready for the second coming of JBL.

In a phone conversation with, JBL clarified the comments he made to Chris Jericho tonight on Raw. The self-proclaimed wrestling god told that he is coming to Monday nights to be an in-ring competitor.

Everyone wondered why JBL attacked Jericho and cost him the WWE Title Sunday night at Armageddon. The only interaction these two ever had occurred at one point in the match, when Y2J and Orton's heated battle spilled onto the ringside table of JBL and Michael Cole and Jericho nudged the former WWE Champion out of his way. It was seemingly harmless to all -- but JBL.

Tonight, Jericho, sporting a black eye from JBL's attack at Armageddon, expected some answers when he invited the self-made millionaire to Raw. JBL appeared live, but via closed circuit. Althought he gave some answers to Jericho and our fans, the SmackDown commentator sparked even more questions when he announced that thanks to a covert deal with Mr. McMahon, Jericho will not receive a rematch for the WWE Championship. As for the attack, the part-time Fox commentator said Y2J instigated the physicality and his championship "instincts" overcame him.

When Jericho threatened to visit SmackDown and pay JBL a not-so-friendly visit, SmackDown's longest-reigning WWE Champion announced another part of the deal: If Y2J visits SmackDown and lays his hands on him, he will not appear at Royal Rumble.

As our fans at the HSBC Arena rained boos down on JBL, Jericho looked on in disbelief. A smirking Y2J then decided to get inside the pompous millionaire's head.

"What happened to you, JBL? You were once a wrestling god considered alongside greats such as Eddie Guerrero, Batista and Undertaker," Jericho said. "Now you're mentioned alongside people like Joey Styles and Michael Cole. You're no longer a wrestling god. You're a wrestling afterthought."

JBL's eyes bulged and his lips curled with outrage. Y2J touched an obvious sore spot with SmackDown's greatest analyst.

"You think it's easy for me to call matches of guys who couldn't even lace my boots," JBL hissed. "Mark my words: I will come to Raw and I will show that I am still a wrestling god." (WATCH)

Hmmm. So, with JBL apparently resuming his in-ring career, what will this mean to his duties on SmackDown? And just when did JBL strike this deal with Mr. McMahon?

Was something in the works before Armageddon, and if so, why? And why does JBL want to come back now? Lately, it seems that he has been a lightning rod for controversy. From the rivalry between Rey Mysterio and Finlay to the Batista-Undertaker war to his recent one night APA reunion with Ron Simmons as hired protection for Hornswoggle, JBL has gotten physically involved lately in altercations between the Superstars. JBL has made no secret of the bitterness he has felt since Mysterio sent him into retirement more than a year and a half ago.

For now, Y2J's mission to save us from Randy Orton's WWE Title reign has been aborted. But he may have a more important task: To save us from the return of an evil wrestling god. Right now, the gods are not smiling on WWE.

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