Ready, willing ... table

Ready, willing ... table

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Before the American Revolution began in 1774, the kingdom of Great Britain assumed they had their American subjects squarely under thumb. And we all know how that turned out. Fast forward 200 years, and Englishman Wade Barrett appears to be on the verge of suffering a similar revolt.

John Cena confronted Wade Barrett (WATCH | PHOTOS)
The sun appears to be setting on Wade Barrett's empire. The cocky Englishman called out John Cena and told him once again that he would never hire him back into WWE. In that case, Cena informed him, he will never stop ambushing The Nexus. Stalemate.

In a moment of frustration, Barrett ordered his Nexus minions to attack. In a moment of utter defiance, however, each member of the band of outlaws turned their backs on Barrett, walking instead to the locker room area. Their mutiny left the Englishman a sitting duck, and Cena knew it. He charged Barrett, who somehow managed to squirm away and dart for the lockers.

Once in the locker room area, the Nexus leader beelined for David Otunga, who gladly told Barrett he has two options: Either he hires Cena back next week, or the Englishman is no longer a part of The Nexus.

Randy Orton def. Alex Riley by Disqualification (WATCH | PHOTOS)
WWE Champion The Miz gave nothing away. Rather than tell Randy Orton the type of match the two would be competing in at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, Miz said he would show The Viper. As his assistant, Alex Riley, clashed with Orton in the squared circle, "The Cleveland Screamer" lurked nearby. Sensing that The Viper may be surging past his assistant, Miz interfered and ambushed his rival.

After the disqualification, Miz revealed the type of match they would compete in by setting up a wooden table inside the ring. With Orton dazed, Miz prepared to plunge him through to table. Instead, The Viper rebounded and nearly coiled around Miz, who managed to scamper off just in time. No matter, Orton seized Miz's assistant and splintered the wooden table with him instead.

Divas Champion Natalya def. Melina (WATCH | PHOTOS)
The only Diva ever to graduate from the Hart Dungeon proved too dominant for Melina and notched yet another victory, one in a recent string of successes. After her win, Natalya was ambushed by Lay-Cool, though, who attacked the Divas Champion in a petty show of spite.

John Morrison interrupted Sheamus's coronation ceremony (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Sheamus may have seized the 2010 King of the Ring title last week, but John Morrison thinks the Irishman is still just a court jester. The Shaman of Sexy interrupted his rival's coronation ceremony. Morrison decided to implement a crowning achievement of his own and knocked The Celtic Warrior from the ring.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov def. WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater, The Usos and Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu in a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Tag Team Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Italy and Russia banded together to take on the world -- and they won. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov outlasted WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater, The Usos and Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu in a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Tag Team Match. The shocking win came after John Cena disrupted the bout, slipping out from under the ring to rattle his former Nexus cohorts, Slater & Gabriel. The distraction allowed the international men of misery to capitalize and capture the WWE Tag Team Titles to much fanfare, namely Santino's imaginary trombone.

Tyson Kidd def. David Hart Smith (WATCH  | PHOTOS)
Sheesh, talk about your "giant" interruptions. After suffering an underhanded attack from his former partner Tyson Kidd three weeks ago, David Hart Smith appeared to be getting his revenge. In a match against Kidd, Hart Smith was punishing his former friend when Kidd cheated to get the win. After the match, Hart Smith attacked out of frustration, but Kidd had been accompanied to the ring by an anonymous man, estimated to be at least 7 feet tall and easily 300 pounds. The mystery man intervened on Kidd's behalf and leveled Hart Smith with a thunderous clothesline.

John Cena attacked David Otunga (WATCH)
Room service, anyone? After conducting a Raw interview via satellite from his hotel room, David Otunga was confronted and attacked by a stealthy John Cena, who had infiltrated the space. Anticipating a Cena strike, however, Husky Harris ambushed the former WWE employee from behind. Despite the trap, though, Cena managed to beat back his attackers, with Otunga bolting for the door, leaving his Nexus cohort behind to feel the pain.

U.S. Champion Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella def. Ted DiBiase & Maryse (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Ted DiBiase & Maryse's relationship continues to circle the drain. This week, the tarnished twosome faced off against United States Champion Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella. Thanks to a little "Twin Magic," courtesy of Nikki Bella, Bryan and Brie seized the win. Afterward, a victorious Bryan strolled off with the Bellas on his arms while DiBiase was forced to contend with a miffed Maryse.

Michael Cole apologized to Jerry Lawler; Randy Orton vs. Alex Riley arranged (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Jerry "The King" Lawler wasn't in the mood. After Michael Cole interfered in his match last week against WWE Champion The Miz -- and likely cost him the title -- Lawler sat impatiently through an apology from his announce partner. Before "The King" could let his fists do the talking, though, the anonymous Raw General Manager informed the two that if either of them got physical, they would be fired. Not only that, the two were forced to shake hands in the ring -- and were then joined by a surprise guest.

Randy Orton used the occasion to send a message to The Miz: He vowed that he would reclaim his title. The WWE Champion informed The Viper, however, that, according to the Raw GM, he is not required to defend his title for another two weeks at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. Miz's assistant, Alex Riley, on the other hand, was fair game. "The Cleveland Screamer's" associate challenged Orton to a match, which The Viper readily accepted despite nursing a knee injury he suffered on the night he lost he title to Miz. To prove that, regardless of his knee, he can still punish opponents, Orton leveled Cole with a crushing RKO.

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