All hail, no!

All hail, no!

PHILADELPHIA -- The lineage of those who've worn the King of the Ring crown is rich with WWE Hall of Famers and Legends, including "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Edge and Triple H. Tonight, a new King, an Irish King would capture the throne to take his place among WWE royalty.

WWE Champion The Miz def. Jerry "The King" Lawler in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
In the first defense of his new title, WWE Champion The Miz faced Jerry "The King" Lawler in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. Although the two exchanged heated words earlier in the evening, once inside the ring, they let their actions do the talking.

Unfortunately for Lawler, Alex Riley would also have a say. The Miz's assistant attempted to intervene, but "The King" fought him off. Later, Michael Cole would also interfere in the dangerous duel when he sensed the WWE Champion might lose. The Miz acolyte halted Lawler's ascent up a ladder, costing him the bout and allowing The "Cleveland Screamer" to bask in the glory of his first successful title defense.

Sheamus def. John Morrison to become 2010 King of the Ring (WATCH | PHOTOS | FINAL RESULTS)
Welcome your 2010 King of the Ring, Sheamus! The Irishman went into the final match with a distinct advantage, having competed in one earlier qualifying match as opposed to Morrison's two. The Celtic Warrior heavily leveraged that advantage, using his reserve of energy to overcome Morrison's impressive athleticism.

After the contest, the royal coronation took place, in which Sheamus was crowned by the reigning Miss USA, Rima Fakih. The time has come, WWE Universe, to hail the new King.

Divas Champion Natalya, Gail Kim & Melina def. Maryse, Alicia Fox & Tamina (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Love knows no bounds -- or schedules. Even during a match, the love bug struck Tamina as she paired with Maryse & Alicia Fox against Divas Champion Natalya, Gail Kim & Melina. She was paid a visit by Santino Marella, who serenaded her with a love song. The amorous interruption allowed Natalya to lock the Sharpshooter onto Alicia, who tapped out to give her opponents the win.

Wade Barrett confronted John Cena (WATCH | PHOTOS)
After John Cena ambushed WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater, their Nexus leader, Wade Barrett, decided there was only one course of action. The Englishman called out the man he had fired, but Cena was already in the arena parking lot.

The Englishman then ordered his minions to flood the parking lot. When The Nexus members did just that, however, they soon found themselves confronted by a host of Raw Superstars there to face off against them. As his former Nexus cohorts were beaten or fled, Cena told Barrett - the only man who can hire him back - that he would not relent until he took out each and every one of The Nexus' members.

John Morrison def. Alberto Del Rio in a King of the Ring Semifinals Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
In their King of the Ring Semifinals Match, John Morrison and Alberto Del Rio had an unexpected visitor. The athletic duo clashed in an impressive outing for both when Del Rio's nemesis, Rey Mysterio, appeared in Del Rio's automobile. The moneyed Mexican lost focus and found The Shaman of Sexy quick to capitalize, nailing his opponent to advance in the tournament.

Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu def. WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater in a Non-Title Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Accounts of John Cena's departure have been greatly exaggerated. During a match pitting WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater against Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu, Cena showed everyone he isn't going away without a fight. As the Nexus pair fought on, Cena weaved through the crowd and watched from a ringside seat, allowing The World's Strongest Man to capitalize. 

Afterward, the pink-slipped Superstar hopped a barricade and leveled Slater with an Attitude Adjustment through the announce table. Before Nexus descended, Cena made his escape through the frenzied crowd.

WWE Champion The Miz vs. Jerry Lawler in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match arranged (WATCH | PHOTOS)
During his celebratory address, new WWE Champion The Miz boasted, bragged and bullied. In other words, he was his typically nauseating self. The whole spectacle proved too much for Jerry "The King" Lawler, who noted that Miz defeated Randy Orton only after the former champion had been attacked by The Nexus and had to fight the group's formidable leader, Wade Barrett. Miz appeared incensed, but the anonymous Raw General Manager chimed in. The GM arranged a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match pitting Miz against Lawler!

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Drew McIntyre King of the Ring First Round Match ended in a Double Count-out (WATCH | PHOTOS)
For Ezekiel Jackson, any result shy of victory warrants swift punishment. In his first round, King of the Ring match against Drew McIntyre, Big Zeke and the Scot were both eliminated from crown contention as a result of a double count-out. Though both were eliminated from the tournament, Big Zeke still dragged McIntyre back into the ring, where he slammed him in a fit of rage.

John Morrison def. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes in a King of the Ring First Round Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
SmackDown 1, Raw 1. In the first round of the 2010 King of the Ring Tournament, John Morrison avenged Raw's earlier loss by defeating the blue brand's "Dashing" Cody Rhodes. 

The Nexus' Michael McGillicutty attacked (WATCH)
Michael McGillicutty appeared to be on a mission to penalize R-Truth for trying to help John Cena last week. As he headed toward the ring from the locker room area, however, the Nexus disciple's mission got cut "painfully" short. He was attacked by an unknown assailant, who offered up a mysterious "You Can't See Me" wave of the hand at the end of the brutal beatdown.

Alberto Del Rio def. U.S. Champion Daniel Bryan in a King of the Ring First Round Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Kicking off Raw's special King of the Ring tournament, SmackDown's Alberto Del Rio drove by -- in style, naturally -- to tangle with United States Champion Daniel Bryan. Not only did the moneyed Mexican prevail in the tournaments first round, he forced Bryan -- a proven submission specialist -- to tap out!

Alex Riley promised extravagant celebration for new WWE Champion The Miz
After his boss cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and captured the WWE Title, Alex Riley assured the WWE Universe that the celebration later in the evening will be nothing short of spectacular. Knowing Miz as we do, humility's invitation to the party was likely lost in the mail.

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