ORLANDO - Buckle up, hold on and expect the unexpected. While Central Florida may be the epicenter of theme parks and wild rides, the WWE Universe was forced onto a rollercoaster ride of their own, bidding farewell to one era while bracing for a completely new one - The Age of Awesome.

The Miz def. WWE Champion Randy Orton (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Although Randy Orton had successfully defended his title against Wade Barrett at Survivor Series and again on Raw, The Nexus decided to make him pay with a savage beating. Then, like a shark sensing blood in the water, The Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on the vulnerable Viper. Despite a valiant effort by Orton, he could no longer overcome the obstacles thrown his path and fell to Miz, who became the new WWE Champion.

WWE Champion Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Wade Barrett couldn't possibly have thought he'd seen the last of John Cena, could he? Earlier in the evening, the Englishman waved tah-tah to the man he was responsible for having fired from WWE and prepared for his title match against WWE Champion Randy Orton.

Taking out an insurance policy, perhaps, Barrett had The Nexus ambush The Viper as he approached the ring. During their rematch, a battered Orton and the Englishman circled one another cautiously, treading carefully after the attack and the chaos of their match at Survivor Series. During the contest, Cena surprised both men, cutting through the crowd toward the ring. Upon spotting him, Barrett charged the ropes, but his nemesis already had him toppling over with an Attitude Adjustment. This allowed Orton to RKO Barrett and pin him to retain his title -- for the moment.

John Morrison def. Tyson Kidd in a King of the Ring Qualifying Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
John Morrison made a statement last night by defeating Sheamus at Survivor Series. On Raw, it appeared that The Shaman of Sexy had yet to finish his proclamation. He continued to assert himself against Tyson Kidd in a King of the Ring Qualifying Match. Morrison had his hands full against Kidd's newfound aggression, to be sure, but The Guru of Greatness and his determination proved too difficult to surmount. The victory means that Morrison will face off against The Celtic Warrior, U.S. Champion Daniel Bryan and Ezekiel Jackson as well as four yet-to-be-determined entrants from SmackDown.

WWE Divas Champion Natalya def. Alicia Fox (WATCH | PHOTOS)
It almost didn't seem fair. WWE Divas Champion Natalya was still riding the high of defeating self-proclaimed "Co-Divas Champions" Lay-Cool at Survivor Series the night before when she faced down Alicia Fox. With a mountain of momentum beneath her feet, the pink-and-black beauty laid waste to her opponent in persuasive fashion.

U.S. Champion Daniel Bryan def. Ted DiBiase in a King of the Ring Qualifying Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Ted DiBiase might have money, but Daniel Bryan has his number. For the second time in as many nights, the United States Champion emerged victorious against The "Fortunate Son." Accompanied to the ring by Brie Bella, Bryan used his high-energy approach and ring prowess to once again topple DiBiase and qualify for next week's King of the Ring Tournament. Afterward, Nikki Bella rushed in to raise Bryan's hand in victory. Man, what kind of cologne is this guy wearing?

John Cena addressed the WWE Universe (WATCH: PART 1PART 2PHOTOS)
Hard to believe it's over. After nine years, John Cena bid the WWE Universe a heartfelt farewell. The Legendary star insisted he has no regrets for calling the WWE Title Match down the middle at Survivor Series, costing him his career. As the audience showered adulation on one of the ring's greatest, Cena saluted from the stage for the last time. In the locker room area, the Superstar navigated a host of colleagues there to pay their respects, including Randy Orton. And as Cena exited the arena, Wade Barrett taunted him with a You-Can't-See-Me wave of his hand.

Ezekiel Jackson def. Alex Riley in a King of the Ring Qualifying Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
As any student knows, being a substitute can be brutal. Now imagine being a sub for The Miz. Once again, Mr. Money in the Bank passed the buck to his assistant, Alex Riley, compelling him to compete in his stead. This time, Riley was forced to battle powerhouse Ezekiel Jackson in a King of the Ring Qualifying Match. Big Zeke, however, was not to be denied and qualified with a convincing win.

Sheamus def. R-Truth in a King of the Ring Qualifying Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
In the wake of his loss to John Morrison at Survivor Series, Sheamus appeared eager to punish someone, anyone. Poor R-Truth. The athletic Superstar found himself vying against the enraged Irishman in a qualifying match for an opportunity to compete in a King of the Ring Tournament live next Monday on a special three-hour Raw. The Celtic Warrior proved he's not a man to be trifled with, overpowering Truth for the victory.

As new Raw commentator CM Punk pointed out, in the tournament, the Irishman will face three other Raw entrants as well as four competitors from SmackDown, who will be determined this Friday.

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett arranged (WATCH)
Wade Barrett lost to WWE Champion Randy Orton at Survivor Series, fair and square -- and the Englishman simply can't bear the thought of it. Addressing the WWE Universe, Barrett posited a theory that seemed as out-there as Prince Charles' ears: the match's special guest referee, John Cena, had been plotting against him the entire time. Sigh.

Despite the ludicrous charge, The Nexus leader was offered a chance at redemption. Raw's anonymous General Manager arranged a title match pitting Barrett against The Viper in the night's main event. Satisfied, Barrett accepted and went on to explain that he will also "allow" Cena to address the WWE Universe one last time as well. Gee, what a swell bloke.

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