DX-hilaration for a night

DX-hilaration for a night

LOS ANGELES -- For at least a little while tonight, it was like old times for D-Generation X.

Mr. McMahon -- the favorite butt of Triple H and Shawn Michaels' jokes -- and a tag team match with WWE Champion Randy Orton & Umaga brought DX back together for one night only. But it was clear to the electrified 17,133 fans in Los Angeles' sold-out STAPLES Center that the friendship between these two will always go on. The crowd crossed their arms in homage to the old DX sign and held their signs high as The Showstopper and The Game did one of the things they do best -- entertain. (WATCH)

What other duo could bring together Superstars as diverse as the terrifying, worm-slurping Boogeyman, the Chairman's little bastard, Hornswoggle, and the mammoth Great Khali and leave everyone doubled over in laughter? (Well, not quite everyone. The Great Khali and his translator, Ranjin Singh, and Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman kept their upper lips stiff -- the spoilsports. Thanks to an artful lie by The Game, Khali went Coach-hunting for part of the night.)

It seemed like an eternity since our fans had heard the pulsating riff, followed by "Are you ready" that welcomes DX. The legion of DX fans had not heard "Suck It" or seen Mr. McMahon rooster jokes in almost a year. Triple H and Michaels hadn't been together in the same ring at the same time since January, when The Game tore his quad muscle at New Year's Revolution. But DX hadn't forgotten their sense of humor, as they affably accepted that Hornswoggle, Boogeyman and (apparently?) Khali all wanted to be honorary members of the cool club for a night.

In the nine months that had passed, the duo had fought their own personal battles. HBK pursued the WWE Championship, was sidelined by Orton for five months and returned last month for vengeance against the Legend Killer. Meanwhile, The Game made a successful return to WWE after rehabbing a torn quad, briefly won the WWE Title and has been in the middle of a brutal, bloody rivalry with Umaga.

The Game and The Showstopper seemed content DX lie dormant, but a 2-on-1 assault by Orton and Umaga on Triple H at Raw last week forced HBK to intervene, and Mr. McMahon made the match. Tonight, before their match, the duo found their smiles again. For the past few months, Triple H and HBK did not have much to smile about as they battled for their careers against Umaga and Orton, respectively. As DX, the duo allowed our fans to revisit the pranksters who love to wreak havoc on WWE and the Chairman -- and kick some ass.

However, the time for fun and games ended once the bell sounded for DX's showdown with the Samoan Bulldozer & the WWE Champion. They loved entertaining and making others laugh, but now was the time to go to war. Laughter faded away as Triple H and Shawn Michaels grew stoned-faced. Orton and Umaga were in their crosshairs, and they needed to be ready.

Still, the good ol' days where the X that marked the spot for The Game and The Showstopper was still there -- at least for a little while. And remember no Hollywood TV writers made this stuff up; they're on strike. But WWE never is.

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