Osbournes to be wild

Osbournes to be wild

WORCESTER, Mass. - Despite a clear lack of guitar, drums and satanic imagery, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne rocked the DCU Center nonetheless. The heavy metal madman and maven entered to the energetic screams of the WWE Universe and proceeded to arrange a scorching set list for the evening.

Chris Jericho def. WWE Champion John Cena and Big Show in a Non-title Triple Threat Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
At Survivor Series, WWE Champion John Cena will face down Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a Triple Threat Match. That same evening, Big Show and Chris Jericho will battle each other and The Undertaker in their own three-way encounter. Tonight, however, Cena, Show and Jericho were compelled to clash with one another in a Triple Threat Match that would put alliances to the test.

Consider that test aced. The Unified Tag Team Champions not only bested Cena when Jericho scored the pin, the two worked in tandem to punish The Champ when he was down. When DX, who had been sitting ringside to observe, charged the ring to mount a defense, Show & Jericho also managed to pummel them, leaving Triple H, HBK and Cena woozy on the canvas as the Unified Tag Team Champions beamed down at their handy work.

Ricky Hatton to serve as Raw special guest host next week
When Raw hops the pond to England next Monday night, native son and former world welterweight champion Ricky Hatton will go the distance as Raw's special guest host. The show, featuring the boxing great, is sure to pack a wallop, so don't miss any of the action. 

Alicia Fox won Divas Battle Royal to become No. 1 contender for Divas Championship (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Alicia Fox climbed into the squared circle with Eve, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim and Brie and Nikki Bella as each of the sexy, smart and powerful Divas vied to become the No. 1 contender for the Divas Title. Current champion Melina watched as Kelly Kelly eliminated Gail. Then, as Eve looked to be in fine position, Jack Swagger strolled down to the ring to watch the match, distracting Eve and allowing Alicia to capitalize. The leggy Diva then eliminated Kelly Kelly for the victory, guaranteeing her an opportunity at capturing the Butterfly.

The Osbournes and The Great Khali hosted "Raw's Got Talent" (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In her role as a judge on America's Got Talent, Sharon Osbourne has seen her share of talent-needy contestants. However, when Sharon, her husband Ozzy and The Great Khali lined up to judge the first-ever "Raw's Got Talent," the three were confronted with what can best be described as talent-impoverished Superstars.

First up, Santino Marella did his best Ozzy and bit the head off of a "Batman" doll. Next up, Chris Masters flexed his sizable pecs to the music of "Crazy Train." The final insult, though, arrived courtesy of Chavo Guerrero and Jillian, who massacred the Ozzy-Lita Ford duet "Close My Eyes Forever." Compounding the abomination, the tone-deaf Diva then belted out her rendition of Britney Spears' "Oops, I Did It Again."

Sharon would have none of it. She insisted that Jillian pipe down before unleashing a well deserved slap across the face. After Chavo began screaming at Ozzy to control his wife, Khali quickly laid out the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior." Then, Hornswoggle, dressed as a young Jack Osbourne, climbed to the top rope and dropped a Tadpole Splash, effectively pulling the plug on Chavo.

Kofi Kingston, MVP & Mark Henry def. Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Randy Orton probably figured he could ambush Kofi Kingston last week and get away with it. After all, he and his Legacy henchmen are an intimidating trio. Unfortunately for Orton, Kofi doesn't intimidate easily. In fact, once struck by The Viper, Kofi trained his considerable ire on Orton, destroying the prized NASCAR auto given to him by Legacy.

Kofi wasn't finished there, though. This week, he faced Orton in singles competition and appeared to be getting the best of his rival when Orton bailed from the ring and regrouped with Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase in a plan to attack his opponent. Raw guest hosts Ozzy and Sharon had anticipated the dastardly deed, however, and quickly arranged for Orton & Legacy to face Kofi and his new partners, MVP & Mark Henry.

Once Randy Orton tried to get dirty by pulling Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase into his match with Kofi Kingston, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne forced The Viper and his Legacy crew into a Six-Man Tag Team Match against Kofi, MVP & Mark Henry. The six Superstars traded blows until The World's Strongest Man sealed the victory for his squad with help from Kofi, who nailed Orton with a heavy-hitting crescendo sending him flying out of the ring. Moments later, Rhodes found himself trapped under Henry, who scored the pin for his team.

Sheamus def. Jamie Noble (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Sheamus is not to be trifled with. The Celtic Warrior made a strong statement last week, during his Raw debut, that he will be a force to reckon with on Monday nights. Slamming an exclamation point on that statement, Sheamus again punished his opponent, Jamie Noble, and vowed to end the career of the West Virginia native. The Celtic Warrior may have even lived up to his vow; he left Noble motionless outside the ring, forcing EMTs to carry him out on a stretcher.

United States Champion The Miz def. Evan Bourne (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Last week, United States Champion The Miz found himself counted out during his loss to the high-flying Evan Bourne. Perhaps that's why the arrogant athlete was none too pleased to be forced to put his title on the line against "Air" Bourne. With his gold hanging in the balance, Miz focused his game, and this time, he managed to ground Bourne to retain his title.

Raw guest hosts Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne arranged a series of matches (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Despite a clear lack of guitar, drums and satanic imagery, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne rocked the DCU Center nonetheless. The heavy metal madman and maven entered to the energetic screams of the WWE Universe and proceeded to arrange a scorching set list for the evening.

Before they could, however, they were confronted by a host of disgruntled Superstars, including United States Champion The Miz, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase and Unified Tag Team Champion Big Show. Each grumbled about a perceived injustice they faced during the prior week's Raw and made a series of demands of Ozzy and Sharon.

Instead, DX joined the proceedings and assisted the Osbournes in arranging the night's matches much to the dismay of the other Superstars. The first match arranged will pit The Miz in a title bout against Evan Bourne. Secondly, the duo helped Sharon set Kofi Kingston in a match versus Randy Orton. And finally, Ozzy, despite Big Show's protests, arranged a Triple Threat Match pitting The World's Largest Athlete against WWE Champion John Cena and Chris Jericho.

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