DX marks the spot, one night only

DX marks the spot, one night only

For one night only, D-Generation X -- Triple H and Shawn Michaels -- will be reunited Monday on Raw, and they will take on WWE Champion Randy Orton & Umaga, WWE.com has learned. But is the one-night DX reunion part of an evil plan by Mr. McMahon?

The Game and HBK were brought back together last week on Raw when Michaels saved his former DX teammate from a potentially career-ending beatdown by Orton and the Samoan Bulldozer during a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. As Triple H and The Showstopper celebrated in the ring, Mr. McMahon looked on with Raw GM William Regal from the back. With a far away, evil gleam in his eyes, the Chairman told Regal that DX would be back together for one night only on Raw, adding, "Things always happen when I want them to happen, the way I want them to happen." Read the full story | WATCH

Mr. McMahon has had a long, storied history with Triple H and Michaels, both as individuals and a DX unit. The Cerebral Assassin and The Showstopper loved making the Chairman's life a living hell and were his most hated nemeses.

Until last week, Triple H and HBK hadn't been in the same ring at the same time since this past January at New Year's Revolution, when The Game suffered a career-threatening torn quad. In the nine months that had passed, they had fought their own personal battles. HBK pursued the WWE Championship, was sidelined by Orton for five months and returned earlier this month for vengeance against the Legend Killer. Meanwhile, The Game rehabbed his torn quad, made a successful return to WWE, briefly won the WWE Title, and has been in a crimson-laced, bone-cracking war with Umaga.

Now Mr. McMahon has unwittingly -- or perhaps by design -- brought Triple H and Michaels back together to face their most hated respective rivals today in Umaga and Orton. For one night only, DX green will fly high as the stars will truly come out at the Los Angeles STAPLES Center. You better get ready -- and don't miss Raw Monday night at 9/8 CT on USA Network.

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