Brotherly love, DX-style

Brotherly love, DX-style

PHILADELPHIA -- When Mr. McMahon put an already bruised and weary Triple H in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match tonight with WWE Champion Randy Orton and Umaga, he thought he would see The Game's annihilation. But to his horror -- or perhaps by his own design --  he brought together his most hated nemeses, sports-entertainment's most notorious duo infamous for running roughshod all over WWE and making his life a living hell -- D-Generation X. (WATCH)

Triple H and Shawn Michaels hadn't been together in the same ring at the same time in nine months. In the months that had passed, they had fought their own personal battles. HBK pursued the WWE Championship, was sidelined by Orton for five months and returned earlier this month for vengeance against the Legend Killer. Meanwhile, The Game made a successful return to WWE after rehabbing a torn quad, and was in the middle of a brutal, bloody rivalry with Umaga.

The Game and The Showstopper seemed content DX lie dormant, but their longtime common enemy, Mr. McMahon, indirectly enabled their reunion. The Chairman took a twisted delight in confronting Michaels and making him admit that his pursuit of Orton was more than about the WWE Championship -- it was about vengeance. Mr. McMahon appeared to take satisfaction in mocking HBK's Christian beliefs, suggesting that Orton's attempt to end his career had unearthed his true, rotten evil core.

To perhaps the surprise of some, a stone-faced, intense Michaels admitted that he wanted to hurt Orton. He fumed when the third-generation Superstar tried to end his career and vowed to not only take his cherished championship, but his livelihood. He wanted to take out the Legend Killer while he was still in his prime.

The Chairman smiled at these admissions as he granted Michaels his rematch. But he didn't get much satisfaction as Michaels teased the billionaire with Sweet Chin Music. HBK didn't connect, but he left McMahon red-faced, wide-eyed and on his hiney. (WATCH)

Meanwhile, perhaps the Chairman thought he would get more satisfaction watching Triple H in the Handicap Match. The Game was battered in his victory in a Street Fight with the Samoan Bulldozer at Cyber Sunday, and McMahon thought The King of Kings was ripe for being knocked off his throne once and for all. The Chairman remembered the severe beating The Cerebral Assassin endured when he was in an identical match with Orton and Umaga several weeks ago and wanted the two to finish what they had started. Though weakened, Triple H was not going to quit. If he was going down, then he was going to bring Umaga and Orton down with him.

And that's how Triple H entered battle with two of his most hated enemies. But as great as the 11-time World Champion is, he couldn't hold off the onslaught of Orton and the Samoan monster for long. Just as it appeared his career was in real jeopardy, HBK and the old DX cavalry came to the rescue. But was Michaels primarily intent on getting his hands on Orton, or was he trying to save his old friend?

Nevertheless, a legion of our fans in the Wachovia Center crossed their arms in homage to the old DX sign and chanted "DX, DX, DX!" as Triple H and Michaels stood tall in the ring. As Umaga and Orton scampered up the ramp, Mr. McMahon looked on with Raw GM William Regal. You'd think that the Chairman was reliving a nightmare, but he suggested he had plans for his two sworn enemies next week on Raw.

"Things always happen when I want them to happen, the way I want them to happen," he said. "How about this: Next week on Raw, for one night only, DX back together again."

So, for one night only, next week on Raw at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, DX will be back together. The stars will truly be out at Raw next week. Are you ready? And will Triple H and Shawn Michaels be ready?

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